Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 and a Heavy Heart

Amazing to think that 14 years ago a significant tragedy happened on American soil that will forever impact us.

While living and working in New York City, six months before first meeting Daniel and four days after my thirtieth birthday, I thought the world was going to end.

Or, at least that's how it felt.

I know that this sounds dramatic. But, I was there that dreadful day in New York City when the Twin Towers came crashing down and my home city was up in smoke and in mayhem. I was there praying for friends, family and strangers to be safe, and helping others to grasp and move on. I was also trying to keep it together helping my mom get to my apartment on foot, worrying about my step brother getting home on foot, and calming my mom until we could see my step father who worked downtown and was in lock down most of the day.

I know, without question, that what I experienced pales in comparison to what others suffered on that dark, dreary and deadly day under the open morning sky, and that there will be suffering for many for years to come.

Today, and every day, I thank my lucky stars and kiss my husband and daughter hoping for many more tomorrows.

This past year, Sarah’s teacher called me saying that she took out of the library a book about 9/11 and asked me if it was okay and to give me a heads up.  While Sarah, Daniel and I have a relationship that is open to discussions on many things, even those that we think are tough for her but necessary…I am not ready for this conversation to explain what happened that very dark day many years ago.

I thanked her teacher for letting me know and she put the book back. When I feel the time is right to explain to my empathetic child the specifics of that day, I will. In the meantime, we keep the discussion general that bad people hurt Americans and many people are now “up in the sky because of it…and that is why we need to be good and caring of others.”

It's hard not to get choked up or get a lump in my throat remembering that time when the streets of my home city were flooded with candles, flowers and countless posters of faces staring back at me of the missing people in desperate need of being found. Sharing this with Sarah as such a young age, I know I will be in tears. As I write this now, I am welling up.

What is most important, as parents especially, is to help our children know that they are loved and know that we are truly blessed and thankful for the lives we have and can live.

What I continue to do, with this blog, is to help educate and keep the history of this tragic day alive, and for all of us to remember, and also to be thankful for the lives we do have, the family and friends who are here with us, and so much more, and remind our children that they need to be good, not to single anyone out, and to be mindful of others.
Today is a day we are reminded to live fully and thankfully. G-d bless all the families impacted by the travesty of 9/11 and know you are in my heart and wish you nothing but peace.


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