Monday, November 11, 2013

Supporting Our Veterans

Honoring all who have served our
country, sacrificed their lives and time
away from their families to protect us.
Sarah's grandfathers, great grandfathers and great uncles all reported for military duty to protect our country over the course of many decades long before she was ever born.  They were dedicated to their country and committed to their job in keeping us safe.

Some of these loved ones are no longer with us while others continue to be a special part of her life.

So, today on Veteran's Day, and every other day we say THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for your bravery and commitment to helping our country.

Let us also take a moment to say Thank You to all the men and women that continue to fight for our country and to protect us, and who sacrifice time away from their families and loved ones to do their jobs. 

Not only is today Veteran's Day it is also the month of Movember, a movement dedicated to men's health that started back in 2003 in Australia to create awareness around preventable diseases such as prostate cancer. During this month men grow mustaches for the cause to show their support and to encourage open dialogue around men's health topics.

Prevention is ever more important especially for veteran's who served time in Vietnam. Their risk for prostate cancer is heightened due to their potential exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange while on military duty. 

Should a diagnosis of prostate cancer already be given, men are encouraged not to see this as a death sentence, says Oliver Sartor, MD, Tulane University. In a conversation I had with Dr. Sartor during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September, he mentioned that there has been an evolution in management of this disease over the past two decades. Along with existing and new treatments, new approaches to disease management including the sequence of treatments is being studied to demonstrate benefits and positive outcomes for patients. What may seem grim is now promising for patients.

Like any disease, condition, illness or syndrome, men need the support of their loved ones to help them on the journey to good health especially should a scary diagnosis come about.  Even when patients are on the road to recovery with a treatment regimen, the support of friends and family is incredibly important to the individual who is the patient. 

I recently shared on EmpowHER the role loved ones play in standing behind the men in their lives as they need the support and encouragement to keep going, continue treatment, and fight to live a good life.

Check out the story here:

My husband is in his late 40s and you can bet I worry about his health, especially as he moves closer to the age where risk is elevated especially for prostate cancer. So, maybe I nag him every so often to make sure he gets his flu shot and annual check-ups, and encourage him to seek medical attention if something seems out of the ordinary. 

My dear friend Don has an uncle with prostate cancer. With family support and a treatment regimen his uncle is managing with the disease well because he is not going at it alone.  In his honor his uncle, Don started a team in conjunction with Movember education efforts called Mo Folks.  He and my husband, among others, are Mo Bros, growing their mustaches. I am on the team as well as a Mo Sista supporter for the cause. 

Want to join
our team?  Want to join the cause? Every little bit counts. If you want to make a donation do so by visiting this link below.

Together, let's stand behind the men, and especially veterans, we love and encourage them to take their health seriously and also be there to support them when times may be tough and our strength and love is what they need most to help them through one step at a time.

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