Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Tips from a Five Year Old

Happy Halloween from our family to yours.

Today I decided that safety tips were going to come from Sarah.  This week she had an assignment sent home from school asking for her perspective on what it means to be safe during Halloween.  It was a great conversation that I am pretty sure empowered her.  So, instead of sharing this mommy's point of view, I am sharing Sarah's.  She had some good ideas, and many times it's important to make sure our children truly do understand the rules.

With this approach it was less about telling her what to do but instead for her to feel empowered and to tell us.  As a result, Sarah's tips now reside here and on EmpowHER.  Take a look and enjoy!

This was a great exercise and reminder that we need to let our children be active participants in dialogue and to also know that they do understand what we tell them and that they feel the idea is as much theirs as it is ours.

Here's to empowering our children to be strong, smart and creative, and to be leaders.

Happy Halloween
Letting children take the lead
Sharing their ideas

Safety in numbers
Hold an adults hand to cross
Don't eat while you trick

Being safe is key
Let the kids share their viewpoint
Empowering them

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