Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

A special Happy Father's Day T-shirt, to the special
daddy in our lives who loves T-shirts.
A special message from Mommy's Point of View to all the Dads, daddy's, papa's, father's, and pop's, today and every day, and to the single moms who are both mommy and daddy. With your help we have the most amazing children in this world that we are fortunate to parent and love incessantly. It's these qualities that a dad possesses that makes you a special personal indeed.

A DAD is someone who is...

Dedicated and helpful and actively participates in parenting duties and daily responsibilities, and who loves their children with all they have

Awesome and committed to making their kids lives fun, playful, and enjoyable while being supportive when life's daily stresses come about

Dependable and passionate with kids hugging and loving them, and of course, chasing them around the yard giggling, splashing in the pool, helping to keep them safe, and being active with them inspiring them to grow
There are also special Dad's out there who are not always able to be with their children who are either away for work, in the military, or not in close proximity due to other circumstances to be as much of an active participant. Most importantly, children just need to know that they are loved and cared for by these special individuals.
Therefore, on Father's Day and every day, let's reach out to the special men in our lives and hug them, Skype with them, send them special wishes, and tell them how much they mean to us.

Here are some haiku to commemorate these amazing individuals.

Happy Father's Day
To our amazing men
And single moms too

Awesome and loving
Dedicated and helpful
Cute, adorable

To our daddies
Those here and in heaven too
Love you very much

Dads, you are special
Love you with all our heart
You make (made) a difference
Hope you all had a wonderful Father's (Dad's) day!!!

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