Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Writer on a Mission

I am sure you are all done with my excuses on why I have not been writing here regularly.  Many, if not most of you, understand why because life does get in the way, that this is my "fun" thing to do when work and parenting aren't so crazy.

Therefore, I am going to try an experiment.

This week, I am going to try to blog everyday and step a bit away from the long and detailed posts and just write and share because that is what I love to do and educate where possible to provide you, my readers, important and valuable information.

I will not be fixated on churning out comprehensive pieces and will be trying to add some new flavor and inspiration around me.  It could very well be a photo that grabs my attention, a funny moment in my life as a parent, Haiku, and more.

Thus, I end on positive note, especially since I now have to get my work day started.

Each day is a gift
Treat it like it's a present
Reward will be great

So, during this week
I aim to write every day
Mommy's Point of View

Join me on this path
Experiencing this life
All that lies ahead

Share with me your thoughts
Come join me here and guest blog
Your ideas, welcome.

Have a wonderful day.  See you tomorrow.

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