Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Longest Fever

Today is now day eight of the longest ever fever that Sarah has had.  And, it's the taunting type looming between 99.4 to 101.

Just when it goes down, it goes right back up.  She starts off low in the mornings and then the numbers climb throughout the day.

So frustrating.  

Being cooped up all day every day has been tough on all of us. Fortunately, Daniel and I both work from home so we have been tag teaming in her care.  This approach coupled with unfortunately lots of television have helped us to get Sarah as must rest as possible for the child who only wants to, and strangely still can,  run around, jump up and down, and cartwheel through the living room.  

Right now, she is an energetic sick kid, at least on the outside. Just wish her fever would go away so we can all get out and run around and let loose.

While for some people, 99.4 is not a fever. However, knowing Sarah for her entire life, and her body, we know that something is still brewing.  This is the child who can easily spike a fever of 104 and 105 even for the mildest ear infection.  Let's just say we have too much experience with Sarah and high fevers that we don't even balk at 103.5 as much as we used to.

So, why then is a low fever nagging at me?

Well, it's because she has had it for over a week and missed school. She has also missed out on her final two soccer games of the season among so many other fun things to do.  We even had to cancel plans in the works for a while so as not to risk getting others ill.

To think, I thought we sailed through winter without as much as a cold and here we are in the spring trapped indoors with a kid bouncing off the walls because a bug, of G-d only knows what kind, which has decided it does not want to leave her body just yet.

The real situation here is trying not to think that it could be something serious going on that we and the doctors cannot see without further testing, which we are slated to do if the fever continues through mid-next week.

We all know the Internet is a dangerous place filled with good information and also inaccurate information and lots of speculation.  I can't begin to tell you how many things could be brewing in Sarah's body, and I am doing my best to not focus on them and pray it's just another garden variety bug that needs to run its course. 

Just wish this one would finish the race and get on out for good.

Having been to the pediatrician twice now over the past week with two negative strep tests and an X-ray to rule out pneumonia, we are in a holding pattern.  

I am likely overreacting and trying to be calm about this as it is likely a bug that just needs time to exit.

So the waiting continues...

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