Thursday, May 9, 2013

Parent Fear and Gun Control

My heart stopped yesterday at 11:30 am when I got a phone call from my brother-in-law telling me that some of the schools in our area where my daughter goes to school were in lock down as a car with an empty gun holster with ammo was found on the back seat in plain sight.

I got off the phone right away and called the director of Sarah's school to find out what was going on, and what was happening on their end. I was glad to hear that the school had already spoken with police and that they were on high alert and that the children would be remaining indoors.

Fortunately, the lock downs were lifted around 12:30 pm as they found the owner of the vehicle and discovered that the gun was registered to him.

What an idiot this man was. Not very bright.

This yahoo scared a number of people including my family who had children in one of the schools locked down. One of the parent's was actually inside the school when the lock down happened and remained there until it lifted and then chose to take her daughter home.  I would have done the same had I been inside.  She later told me that she called another mom/relative whose three children were also inside the school trying to update her without panicking her.

As you can imagine, I thought of a number of times of getting into my car to go get Sarah from school. But, after watching the news and talking with my husband we realized it was best for us to sit tight before taking action.

The good news is the the local police departments in my area took aggressive action to manage the matter.  In the one hour that I had learned of this situation, and the problem was resolved, it pretty much shaved off a few years of my life.  I am thankful to the pedestrian who saw something unusual in the car parked on the street, that the police were called and that immediate action was taken.

You can bet that as soon as my child walked into the door last night I lifted her up and hugged her and refused to stop until she begged me to put her down.

My life without my child is unimaginable.  Just thinking about it makes me sick.

I think now what parents across the world are feeling when their children become the victim of gun violence. I know that I am preaching to the choir when I say this but it cannot be said enough that guns are in the wrong hands and there needs to be better gun control laws. If it means that an individual requires a more extensive background check, than so be it. If a person wants a gun so badly they should be willing to jump through hoops to get it.

I hate guns and the fact that we live in a world where children can access unprotected weapons to use against harmless others, or that disturbed adults who think they can fix problems by taking others lives makes me sick to my stomach.

My heart goes out to the families whose lives have forever been impacted by gun violence. I cannot begin to understand your loss and suffering but please know I feel pain for you and your loved ones and wish you strength and peace.  If it means I hug my child harder every day or go to sleep at night praying for her safety, I will continue to do so.

We cannot live in fear every day but we have to pray and hope that peace is possible and to get help for the people who need it most, as innocent people are on the receiving end of this ugliness and it just hurts all of us around it.

What we can learn from this situation and sadly many other tragic experiences we have had on American soil is that if we see something that seems odd or out of place just call the police and talk to them. Let them decide if it's something to investigate.

I dedicate this blog to the individual who took a chance and expressed their concerns and suspicions. I also applaud our law enforcement officials who acted quickly on this matter while many parents and loved ones were worried and scared. Thankfully, this was some idiot's mistake and hopefully he will realize the err of his ways and be more careful in the future.

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