Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy Suffering Allergies

With Sarah home sick this weekend with a low fever, she started to get cabin fever so I took her outdoors, just to the front of the house so she could get some fresh air and a cool breeze, away from anyone she could get sick, except me.

As a result of being outdoors with her yesterday, with my allergies in overdrive this season, today I am really suffering. Unfortunately, my typical allergy medication is doing very little to ease my symptoms. The pharmacist encouraged me to amp up my protection with another treatment, which has always worked well for me but unfortunately am still feeling no relief. I am more stuffed up than I have every been. My nose is dripping, I am sneezing, and my eyes are so itchy I want to rip them off my face.

A nice visual, huh. 

On top of it all, Sarah is home sick again today. While she does not have a fever my gut said that she is still not quite herself and felt it was important for her to remain home another day as she was not really her true self.

Thankfully, I work from my home office for my job. Thus, today, I don't intend to leave the house no matter how nice it is outside. My allergies are keeping my butt parked indoors away from allergens that are making my face feel foreign to me.

So, today, Mommy is sick and boy does it suck.

I admit that Sarah will likely watch enough television for the week but when mommy is sick sometimes another babysitter needs to help out.

My empathy goes out to all who suffer from allergies. It's amazing how you can truly become useless when your head hurts, your sneezing constantly, and all you want to do is lay down and rest.

Right this moment I want to be a turtle and crawl my body inside of a shell and not come out until I am feeling better. But, as a parent, we all know that that is not really all that possible.  So, I will do my best to keep my head up, manage Sarah as best as possible and not beat myself up with the reality that she may just be watching television all day today so I can try to get work done and not actually try to tear my head off my shoulders.

I wish relief to all who suffer from allergies.

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