Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 14: Mystery Fever Virus Continues

Today is now day 14 of the longest ever fever that Sarah has had. It's still the taunting type looming between 99.4 to 101. 

Just when it goes down, it goes right back up.

Sound familiar? 

She has been so incredibly good about all of this. And, we are just being extra cautious so as not to risk getting other kids sick. 

A few days this week I took her outside so she could ride her bike and scooter and run around, without any kids around, just so she could run off energy and steam.  I feel so bad for her. We had to cancel numerous plans over the past three weekends due to the mystery virus that has no known cause and minimal symptoms.

Thankfully Sarah is eating, drinking and sleeping well.  She is, right now, the happiest sick kid as far as disposition goes.  She's been loving the calls from her teacher checking on her letting her know she is missed at school.   

Thankfully, Daniel and I work from home so that we can enable Sarah to have the time off from school to rest, get lots of fluids and try to rid this bug as soon as possible.  She will likely go through computer and television withdrawal when she goes back to school but I think that will be okay as she will be so excited to see her friends she has missed so much.  It's gotten to a point where she doesn't even want to watch and just wants playmates.

After our work days end we spend much time with Sarah reading and playing board games.  That has made her happy, at least.

As you can image, we are all getting batty and silly being cooped up all day every day for this long.

I am so thankful to my friends and family who have been so supportive and understanding of the situation and often checking in to see how we are all doing, especially Sarah. 

As of now we have seen three pediatricians, and spoken with another on the phone from the same practice.  A series of tests have been done to rule out mononucleosis, pneumonia, Epstein Barr, diabetes, and so much more. She had her red and white blood cell counts checked. Her hemoglobin is normal. Urine tests with no growth and negative results as well.  We are awaiting a Lyme disease test, but pretty sure that she doesn't have that as she never had any tell tale signs of the disease and she's not complaining that her joints hurt in her legs or arms.

Today, before leaving to go to Sarah's Kindergarten Orientation without her (bummer) she had no fever. An hour after returning her temperature went up to 101.  Ugh.
This is so incredibly frustrating.  I keep thinking that when her fever is down during the day maybe this will be the day it goes away for good and we can resume normal activity.
Let's hope for tomorrow.  Already had to cancel plans for a birthday and graduation party for her to attend. She will be missed.
I have been trying hard to stay off the Internet searching for some reasoning behind this bug in Sarah's body.  I start, then look, get scared, and then drop off. The Internet could be good if you know what you are looking for. This situation with Sarah is so unknown that it's better I stay off the web and not make any unnecessary speculations about her condition.
Several friends have called to tell us about mystery fevers their loved ones had experienced where there was just no answer about what their fevers were caused by, and they mystery remains for them as well.
Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that nothing serious seems to be wrong at least based on the tests that have been currently done to date.  The doctor said that if after the Memorial Day holiday weekend the fever continues we are to bring Sarah back in for autoimmune testing. 
The waiting continues...

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