Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and yours, and wishing you a peaceful, fun, happy and healthy new year that lies ahead.  In parent-speak, it's our "restart" to many new experiences and beginnings.

Many thoughts ran through my head and on the screen on how I wanted to write this blog post today. I tried several different iterations until I got here. I decided that instead of listing out incredible experiences this past year along with the many life lessons learned, especially when raising a little one, it was most important to focus on just being incredibly thankful and appreciative for my life, and most importantly my little one who brings joy to all around her.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings this year I have hugged Sarah harder and longer every chance that I get. I am also counting my blessings more and more for my wonderful and supportive husband, our amazing family and friends, our beautiful home that is filled with love and new memories, and the jobs we have that enable us to continue to do what we are good at doing and to provide for our family, especially in light of the fiscal cliff debates that are not yet finalized.

This coming year, 2013, will include typical goals such as weight loss (which continues) and more exercise, but most importantly time spent with family and friends (including those who I have reconnected with after many years -- thanks Facebook) who bring richness to life beyond any dollar amount. It's these relationships that have made life what it is all about. 

To kick of this year right, here are some Happy New Year Haiku to seal the deal of what lies ahead, the full life I aim to continue to live, and the wealth of people that will add richness and bold flavor for a delicious life moving forward.

A Happy New Year
Time to live, love, laugh and learn
Health and happiness

To the year ahead
It will be what we make it
Goals, accomplishments

Time with family
And special friends who are dear
Strong relationships

Hug our kids tight
Count our blessings for them
Pray for peace, hope, health

To you, my readers
Thank you for joining me on
Mommy's Point of View

For what lies ahead
Let's strive, achieve, and reach goals
Continue to grow

Happy New Year and wishing you all a blessed new year filled with joy, happiness, prosperity, strength (as all of us as parents indeed need as much of this as possible), and good health.

Thank You!!!

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