Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks Haiku Style

I have so much in my life to be thankful for. And, one good way to convey this is in the form of Haiku.  For this wordy mommy, I am taking a less is more approach (my husband's motto) to give my thanks to you and all those around me.

Also, please enjoy a special turkey creation made by Sarah and her school mates. 

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you, my readers
following me on this path
Mommy's Point of View

Your dedication
and support mean a great deal
for this I say THANKS

I am thankful for
family, friends and good health
counting lucky stars

Thankful for flowers
sunshine, rain and colorful leaves
my love of nature

I count my blessings
my child and my husband
for they are my core

Time for Thanksgiving
food and fun with family
and special friends too

Thankful for my job
which gives us clothes, shelter, food
and life's luxuries

Thank you G-d for life
and for watching over us
protect us from harm

Thankful for good health
happiness, prosperity
love, hugs, family

Thankful for Sarah
she brings joy and happiness
to all around her

To G-d, I give thanks
for keeping me sane and sound
in my parent role

To all, I wish thanks
for joy, happiness and health
time to enjoy life

Now take a moment and look around and think about what you are most thankful for and take a deep breath in and exhale with appreciation and gratitude.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Help Post Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy brought to the North East incredible devastation this past week.

My heart goes out to each and every individual impacted by this tragedy including friends, family and strangers.

Homes have been lost, power has been out, electricity has been non-functional, and ever more sad, many lives have been lost.

Many of us have opened our homes to help others in need, gathered up clothes and belongings to those who have lost much due to flooding, and offered for people to use our Internet access and hot showers, and get warmth from the cold.

I especially think how difficult it must be coping with this travesty with young children to care for.  It reminds me of the 70's when my sister and I were in the back seat of my mother's car while we waited on line for hours to get gas. That's been happening here as well.  Lines are miles long with hours to wait.  The dedication I have seen on Facebook and Twitter helping those in need to find what they need has been incredible.

As a result, I decided, yet again, to help my daughter to understand what it's like to help others and what we can do to support those in need. For example, a friend of ours have a babysitter whose friend lost everything and has a three year old daughter. Immediately, I asked Sarah if we could go through her belongings and pack up some clothes, blankets, toys, books, and more to share with this little girl in need. She shared some of her stuffed animals too.  Sarah knew that we were sharing her belongings with someone else who needed it more than she did.  It made me smile to think that it is possible to help young children see the value of helping others, and that there is always something that we can do.

While Sandy is a natural disaster, it also reminds me of when I was living in New York when 9/11 happened and everyone came together to get through the pain and strife. Incredible generosity and support came from all over the country to help those in need. I truly believe that that is happening now as well. 

My heart aches not being able to do more. I was about to pack up more things to send to my hometown Staten Island to find that many of the evacuation sites including my old high school were stuffed with donations. Instead, it was encouraged that we give in other ways. As a result, there is a Hurricane Sandy relief effort under way with numerous organizations including Good Will and The Red Cross. Additionally, there is an organization called Tunnel to Towers Foundation that is especially taking donations based on location of the tragedy.  

There is something that can be done whether it be near or far. If we want to help those impacted greatly by Hurricane Sandy we can click on the link below and give what we can.  It will indeed go a long way. I took the step and made a donation today. Can you?

In the aftermath of this crisis I want to share some Haiku wishing for peace and calm for those impacted most, and to those who are still in the dark without power, those with loss in their lives great and small, and pray for your safety and journey to a new beginning.

Hurricane Sandy
Swept through our nation's land
Much devastation

No power, heat, light
Millions impacted this week
Much repair to do

Support those in need
Kindness, generosity
Doing what we can

East Coast, USA
Flooded, dark, damaged and strife
Pain, loss, fear and cold

Wishing peace for all
Impacted by hurricane
Strength for the next steps

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