Sunday, October 21, 2012

She Hears Me But Chooses to Misbehave

Sarah has selective hearing and listening. Yesterday, while out with friends for a bike ride I realized that Sarah indeed is listening to what we say, including others, but she chooses not to act on what she is being told to do.

So frustrating.

It's not that she is not listening, it's that she is not behaving, and selectively choosing not to do what she is being asked to do.

Again, so frustrating.

You would think, that as an only child, who gets a ton of attention from her mommy and daddy that she would not be acting like this.  


Is it because she gets too much of our attention?

I thought that it could be because my new job and work schedule recently have been somewhat erratic this week with early mornings, late nights, and travel, which is outside of the norm.  Then, I realized, her behavior is not out of the norm.

So, because of all of this, after working in the morning on Saturday, I decided to take Sarah for lunch to our favorite pizza joint and then to the playground and park to meet with friends for a bike ride.  You would think that investing this time with her she would have behaved better.  At lunch, she was great. At the park, not so much.

After the play date, my dear friends were kind enough to offer to watch Sarah that night as they sensed my frustration and so that I could have an adult time out.  I turned down their offer because Sarah would have seen it as a treat.  Instead, Sarah and I teamed up and cleaned the house together, while Daniel was still resting being sick.  After we cleaned we agreed that I would make dinner and Sarah would paint her pumpkins we picked last week. Surprisingly, it was a calm evening and ended up being fun for both of us. 

The night was much better than the day. 

By not giving in to Sarah's lack of listening and misbehaving, and letting her known that she was not going to her friend's house, helped her to realize that I was serious and that her actions have consequences.

I likely, per a suggestion from a friend, need to reconsider Sarah's diet as far as high-fructose corn syrup consumption.  While she doesn't eat a lot of junk food I need to start looking at labels on seemingly normal foods that have this ingredient and see if that may be playing a part in her behavior.

I would love to hear from you how you handle situations like this.  What do you do? 

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