Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

Today I write with a heavy heart after hugging my husband and daughter just a bit more tightly, thankful for them, yet extremely sad for the thousands of families impacted by the tragedy on the Twin Towers 11 years ago.

While I write this I think that words cannot express how I feel for the tremendous loss our country has endured from the monstrosity on American soil.

Yet, here I am doing what is necessary to keep the history of this tragic day alive and for all of us to remember, and also to be thankful for the lives we do have, the family and friends who are here with us, and more.

I started off my day asking Sarah if she could draw a picture to commemorate today. When she asked for my help, I drew the outline for the towers and let her get to work. Her masterpiece is above. When she showed it to me I smiled. Had I told her exactly how to do it, it would not have been right. I would have likely told her to color the towers gray or black or blue. Instead, I let her do what she does best and create with color. And, when she showed me the final result it was better than I could have ever imagined.

Also, this morning, in the car ride to drop Sarah off at school Daniel asked me if I wanted to tell Sarah about today. I tried to but the words would not come. I didn't want to scare her. So, Daniel did what he does best. He told her the story of the twin towers like he would tell her any other story starting with the words, "Once upon a time."

I sat in the back seat with Sarah staring out the window smiling thinking that he is just such an incredible daddy and amazing man. He found a way to tell a tragic tale in a way that could foster dialogue and engage our child in a discussion on our nation's history.

Daniel also felt he did not want to say too much and scare Sarah, especially since she had never been on a plane before so he omitted how the collapse of the towers actually happened. Interestingly, at the end of the story Sarah asked Daniel if for the next time he tells the story to include more information about the bad guys.

Today is a day that each of us will live differently.

With children especially, who are so impressionable and eager to learn, as parents we can help to educate and comfort them about this historical experience on our nation so they understand why their parents and others may be sad today.

Today is also a day to be incredibly thankful and appreciative for what we do have including the special people in our lives, for there are thousands of families who have experienced great loss.

To help commemorate this day in history we can engage our children in a dialogue about 9/11 either through discussion, arts and crafts, song, and writing.

Therefore, with writing as one of my creative outlets for self-expression, hence this blog I cherish, here are some haiku poems to remember and never forget.

Tragedy struck us
On September 11
Must never forget

Cherish family
And friends who are special to
Thankful for living

Share this history
Keep the memory alive
Time to remember

The World Trade Center
Had a life all of its own
Work, play, fun, and more

Hug our loved ones
Remember, never forget
Be sad, be thankful

Also, here are previous blog posts on Mommy's Point of View commemorating today if you would like to read back in history.



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