Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loving Life As a Parent

Today's blog is a selfish one in that I just want to say that life as a parent, while extremely challenging, is the most amazing, wonderful, and rewarding experience.

Just this morning as I laid in bed waiting for my alarm clock to go off, not quite ready to get up for the day, Sarah made her way into our room and crawled into the bed. All I could do at that moment was smile and will her to come closer to snuggle.

Seriously, if the world stopped at that moment I was in the place that I wanted and needed to be.

There is something incredibly amazing about being enveloped in your own child or children. Since Sarah is my only child I savor her that much more.

While there are days I want to hang this monkey from a chandelier because she's not listening, it's these moments of solitude with her where it's just us and no other extraneous variables that make me realize even more that the simple gestures and genuine mannerisms are what matter most.

Even at times when I have had a tough day, am exhausted, or frustrated by one of many life stresses, nothing comes close to the hugs, kisses, smiles, and giggles I get from Sarah. She is so much like her daddy in that her sense of humor really has me laughing a lot. She is indeed a small version of him with me mixed in.

As I write this I smile.

Sometimes, there are days when I am not sure what to write about on my blog or what point of view or lesson I want to share with you. However, this morning one thing is for sure, that my love for my daughter is beyond leaps and bounds, and warms my heart. For this I am truly blessed and thankful to G-d every day for bringing her into my life and giving me the opportunity to be her mommy, a job I take very seriously, and one I feel I was meant for and fortunate to have to chance to be.

Here are some special Haiku on what life as a parent means to me. What does it mean to you? I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Being a parent
Is the most rewarding job
Guiding and sculpting

Love like no other
Happiness, joy, and passion
She is my center

In a kid's presence
Permission to be silly
And act like a kid

My life has meaning
Because my daughter is here
Bringing joy and love

Children, innocence
Unadulterated love
Reliant on us

What do you love most about being a parent? Share with us your thoughts. We'd love to hear them.

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