Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Cast Has Been Removed

Yeah! Yippee! Hooray!

Just in time for summer camp, which starts next week, Sarah's wrist fracture has healed and the cast is officially off. Boy was I was praying and hoping that three weeks was all she was going to need to be in this cast so that she wouldn't miss out on pool and sprinkler time.

Had Sarah needed to be in the cast for a much longer time frame I would have likely bit the bullet and bought one of those special waterproof covers. Therefore, during this time frame, we relied on plastic bags to keep her cast dry. We also prevented Sarah from participating in sprinkler and water-related activities until the cast came off.

Let's just say, you can't really avoid bath time. And, bath time was a bear for us these past few weeks. Despite Sarah's arm being covered in plastic baggies, sometimes more than one, to help keep it dry, Sarah still managed to submerge her arm in water more than once, sometimes on purpose and other times by accident. It's not so fun trying to use a blow dryer to dry out a cast. Even on days when Sarah didn't drown her cast it still managed to get water in it from the pinholes in the grocery store plastic bags. I decided to give the gallon sized Zip lock baggies a try. Held on with masking tape and easy to put on and take off, for a wrist to elbow sized cast, it did the trick. Even better was that I was able to recycle the same bag for the entire time by just washing it and letting it dry before each use.

So, if you are ever in this predicament, forget the grocery store plastic shopping bags with handles. They always manage to have pin holes in them even if you cannot see them. Zip lock baggies are sturdy, the right size for a wrist to elbow cast, and easy to tape up and take off.

Now that Sarah's cast is off we are so excited to turn on the sprinkler, get her in the pool, and fill up her water and sand table this weekend for much-needed fun.

Please share with us some of your experiences and tips regarding kids and casts. We'd love to hear what you have been through and any advice.

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