Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Kid's First Break, Literally...

This week, while at work, I got a call from my husband telling me that Sarah fell in the school playground, that her wrist was swollen, and possibly sprained or broken, and that he was taking her to the doctor to get it checked.

The heat rushed through my body at that moment filled with worry for Sarah, and irate that this happened on school grounds. As a parent, a million thoughts went in my mind trying to figure out what happened as I was not able to get the full story from Daniel at the time. Yet, the reality is, that no matter how much we want to try to protect our children from injuries such as this, we can only help them manage, and mend, and hope they will learn a lesson not to do this again.

Yeah, right. As all of us, heads nodding saying, "not likely."

When the anger slowed and my mental state returned, and after finding out that Sarah literally fell over her own two feet, that I knew that no matter where Sarah was at the time, her falling was inevitable, and a matter of time. This child cannot sit still and runs reckless with abandon every chance she gets. She is a four years old after all.

I guess I am naive to think that I could go through life hoping that I could protect Sarah from all harm, but know that that is unrealistic. So, wishing to package her in a bubble is not likely an option either. One can hope, right.

So, as parents, all we can do is protect them the best way we know how, and can, and hope that they make it through life in one piece. And, if there are breaks along the way, arms, legs, toes, and more, we have to do the best we can not to want to hold them down, lock them up, or hoist them far above the ground to prevent them from hurting themselves again.

Instead, let's kiss them and hug them that much more, pray to G-d everyday for their presence in our lives and the impact that they have on us, and laugh a lot more, live each day to the fullest, and pray for their safety every chance we get.

So, in the meantime, let's decorate their casts and send them on their way for more adventures, because that is life and we can only pave the way so much to keep them out of harms way.

Time to Remember, Memorialize

Today, for many of us, as Americans, is a day off from work. For all of us, as parents, it's still a day on.

While many of us may be going to barbecues, swimming parties, taking advantage of shopping sales, or taking time to rest, it is most important for us to take time to reflect as well to remember and thank the millions of men and women who risked their lives to protect our country, which helped to give us the freedom we have today, and every day moving forward.

So before, in between, and after today's festivities, let's take time to remember with sadness, and pride, as Americans, the many souls who sacrificed their lives and continue to do so every day, and veterans who dedicated and continue to dedicate their time, energy, and attention for the love of their country, to help fight for our freedom.

Words of thanks go to all the men and women who commit their themselves to protect our country, and for those especially who lost their lives in the war for freedom.

Here are some special Memorial Day Haiku, and a drawing made by Sarah, for you all.

Memorial Day
Today, time to remember
Lives of many lost

To all men, women
Thank you for protecting us
Forever in debt

Thanks to those of you
Risking your lives to protect

For red, white, and blue
Colors continue to sore
Time to remember

You're special people
With the biggest hearts of all
Thanks, infinity

To all the men and women
You mean a great deal

Much love and appreciation to all of you, men and women, and moms and dads, and everyone who dedicates their lives to protect our country. You are a special kind of people, selfless human beings who are looked at in the highest regard, for all that you do, sacrifice, and continue to risk each and every day, and we thank you to infinity.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Being a parent is by far one of the toughest jobs we will every do in our lives, and it's the most rewarding.

Hearing our children call us mommy is happiness and sunshine combined. And, being an integral part of guiding and teaching them is a significant and amazing role to have. Being a parent is a full-time job that has wonderful perks, and some complaints too, which is completely normal.

Therefore today, let everyone fuss over you, and revel in the words "mommy," "mom," "mamma," or which every way in which your kids acknowledge you as a significant main stay in their lives, and feel the love around you.

Today is a celebration of moms around the world, you included. And, let's not forget about the strong women that brought each of us here too and not only helped to raise us but continued to be there for us as we became parents too offering advice, support, babysitting time with the kids, and so much more.

Here are some special Mother's Day Haiku to celebrate moms everywhere.

Happy Mother's Day
Love and appreciation
For all that we do

Time with family
Celebrate time together
Being a mother

Moms around the world
Acknowledge, fuss over them
Celebrate their role

Being a mommy
Challenging and rewarding
Love all around us

Love, hugs, appreciation
For all that they do

Have a wonderful Mother's Day.


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