Friday, April 27, 2012

Sign Up for Kid Product Recalls

My subscription to Parents magazine has paid off in more ways than one. In addition to the recommendations and ideas, they also provide safety information including product recalls.

As I was perusing this month's issue, I came across two products that we happen to own. And, guess where they landed on the page? In the recall section.

Fortunately, I made calls right away to each of the companies, gave product codes where required, and already received a replacement part in the mail for one product, and awaiting the other.

Many times the recalls just require a revised part, but it's better to be safe and sure, and stop use of product that has been recalled until the product has either been repaired or part replaced to confirm its safety.

We don't have to own a magazine subscription to get the latest news on toy recalls; however, they are rich with information and insights and can help to keep us abreast of important news too. Nonetheless, it is imperative that we keep aware of news like recalls whether through magazines or online to continue to keep our children safe.

In addition to a link to Parents magazine's website to look up product recalls, here are additional places online that you can go to to sign up for regular recall updates.
1. Parents magazine online

3. US Consumer Product Safety Commission

I have also included a link on the Mommy's Point of View homepage on the left hand side for you to sign up easily to track this important information.

As we know, nothing is perfect, and not all products are either. We do have to owe tremendous thanks and gratitude to the many parents who have had to undergo unfortunate experiences with their children at the hands of products that needed repair. I thank you for taking the time to share your situations with the right resources to help us; and therefore, motivate and urge companies to make product changes to protect our kids.

I happen to be in the process of reporting to the CPSC about a bathmat I bought at Target for Sarah. Unfortunately, I threw the product wrapping away and cannot find it online. I am going to the CPSC directly with a complaint to help warn other parents.
A few times I noticed that Sarah was slipping in the tub but felt it was hard to tell if she was just being overly playful and rambunctious, but in essence, something was indeed wrong with the mat.

Well, unfortunately for me, but good for Sarah, mommy found out the hard way.

One morning, I chose to use Sarah's bathroom to get ready while Daniel was in the other shower. I realized that once I was in I forgot the new bar of soap on the sink counter. Thinking nothing of it, I stepped out, or at least I tried, to reach for the soap and instead did what could have been scored as a "10" at the Olympic games if there was such a sport as out of the tub flipping. Instead, I did a full body rotation out of the tub right onto the floor and into the door and then banging my head onto Sarah's step stool. Thank goodness Sarah was not in the bathroom with me at the time. I can't begin to image what could have happened and she might have gotten scared and possibly hurt.

While I laughed later about the incident for it was indeed embarASSing, I was adamant that I would report this product to the CPSC to help warn other parents who may own this product.

We have a responsibility as consumers, and especially as parents, to report bad experiences with products, such as my tumble with this bat mat, to help companies be in the know about unsafe products on the market. I applaud companies that address issues in a timely fashion to help keep our children safe.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

To all of my readers who celebrate Easter, happy holiday.

Here are some Haiku to commemorate the holiday.

A Happy Easter
To your friends and family
A time together

Bunnies and egg hunts
For all the kids to enjoy
Tasty chocolate treats

Jellybeans and treats
A time for sweetness and joy
Enjoy your Easter

A sacrifice made
That impacts hearts everywhere
A time of belief

Celebration time
For all Christians who believe
Time for renewal

Enjoy holiday
Time with friends and family
Fast comes to an end

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Green Balloon for Ray

A couple of months ago I shared with you the story of an amazing woman who I have been fortunate to friend who is the person who can find the silver lining to even the darkest cloud.

Donna McCart, mother, wife, daughter, and sister, is truly an inspiring and "full of life" woman. In a previous blog post here I shared what became her new normal 356 days ago when her husband Ray was diagnosed with the rare cancer Glioblastoma Multiforme IV.

On April 2, 2012, Donna's darkest cloud presented itself. Ray lost his battle to cancer at the age of 47.

At his memorial service last night, as I expected it to be, it was standing room only.

Despite not knowing Ray for long, and for only a short time before he was diagnosed with this beast of a cancer, I was surprised when I couldn't hold back the tears as his friends and family shared kind and funny words about him at the service. During the nontraditional service, I even cried when we were asked to sing "Take Me Out to The Ballgame" as Ray loved the game, especially when the Phillies played and won. He also loved it when his biggest star, his daughter, a passionate and gifted collegiate softball player, competed while he watched her shine.

Who knows, my tears could have been because I am an overly emotional human being, or that I re-felt the pain of what it was like to lose my father nearly 12 years ago to cancer as well, when I was in my twenties, just like Donna's daughter is experiencing now. Or, it could just be that I feel terrible pain for Donna and her daughter's loss and cannot imagine the void his loss will be in their lives moving forward.

What I do know is that because I am in a loving relationship and a mother as well that I couldn't imagine either my life without Daniel or Sarah or for them to have to endure such a great loss.

As I write this now, even more tears stream down my face, wishing Donna and her daughter, and their friends and family, strength, peace, and love during this difficult time in their lives, and pray that they are able to move forward, with their many memories of the wonderful human being Ray McCart was to them and others.

In a previous post here, I shared how I have tried to explain death to Sarah, who is now four years old. It's not an easy thing to do with a child, especially one who has such a vivid imagination, and who I don't want to scare.

I happened to share this approach of helping Sarah understand loss with Donna during one of our many conversations over the past year when we lived next door to them.

When I saw Donna the day Ray passed away I mentioned to her that we would be casting off a green balloon for Ray, and she smiled.

Therefore, today, we will be casting off a green balloon into the sky for Ray McCart, in loving memory of this wonderful and doting father, husband, brother, son, friend and more.

Ironically, the picture above just so happens to be in the backyard across from Donna and Ray's home. On that day Sarah was casting off a green balloon when we lost our beloved kitty Sammy.

Teaching young children about death is not any easy thing to do. It's not a one size fits all approach either. I am even in the process of trying to identify a good book to read with Sarah to help her understand a bit more, as her questions have become more and more as people and pets have passed on during her early years.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Ray McCart and in honor of his family, his survivors, who need to pave the way moving forward with renewed strength.

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