Monday, March 12, 2012

Kids Are Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

When it came time to pick Sarah up from school today I was in desperate need of her presence, including her giggles, hugs, kisses, and fun way of saying and doing things.

For me, Sarah is sunshine. There are days I need more of her rays of love, hope, and happiness, and she knows how to give it unconditionally. Today, it just so happened to come in handy.

My afternoon ended on somewhat of a sour note today and what I needed most, at least so I thought to help distract me from my funk, was to see Sarah, clear my mind, and be captivated by her giggles, conversation and innocence.

And, it was exactly the recipe for success that I needed.

As soon as I arrived at school to pick Sarah up I started to feel better. I decided to watch her while she was sitting so patiently reading a book with her teacher. A smile instantly grew on my face. Already I was feeling a little bit better.

Once Sarah realized I was sitting there watching she leaped up from the floor, ran over to me, and jumped on me with a hug and a kiss.

What's not to love? So what I needed. My smile grew even bigger.

While my troubles were still looming in my head, I did my best to push them aside to focus on my time with Sarah. We decided a trip to the library would be a good distraction and fun activity, something that we could both enjoy.

While this special time with Sarah did not fully rid my mind of what was on it, it did enable me to get distracted even for a little while to gain some clarity from the day's events and actions and clear my head from the clutter.

While we can't shut off the world, as much as we would like to do sometimes, the smiles and joy from kids can really help to distract, in a good way, from the stresses in life that cloud our minds, and can make it hard to feel release.

I thank my little spunky, feisty, sweet, and highly-energized monkey of a child for giving me the chance to stop when I needed to, watch and engage, listen, play, and inevitably clear my head and gain clarity.

I think for me why Sarah was the medicine I needed today to help me was that her pure unadulterated approach to life, with many times reckless abandon, was exactly what the doctor ordered as there was no agenda. It was a natural, seamless process where a need was met simply.

Do you have moments like this where what you need most is a hug from a child, a giggle to shift your focus, or an innocent distraction like a play ground jaunt, to get you back to center?

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