Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

This week on Friday, the day before Saint Patrick's Day, at Sarah's school, she had a "green" party. Our job was to bring in green juice for the feast. With a few drops of green food coloring in the apple juice container we successfully had a bright shade of green liquid concoction. Sarah was so excited to bring in this special treat and be part of the festivities, even though she did not fully understand what it was really meant for, patron saint Patrick.

During school drop off it was a sea of green inside. Teachers and kids were all dressed up in varying shades of this earthly color. While we do not celebrate this holiday, being Jewish, I didn't necessarily dress Sarah up in all green. However, she did wear a green headband and clothes with rainbow colors including green. Nonetheless, I walked into Sarah's school and a smile came to my face. It was cute seeing the kids connecting on something they may not have understood fully yet comparing their clothes to each other excited to be part of a celebration.

Nonetheless, as soon as I saw Sarah at the end of the day the first thing I asked her was how was "green" day, and the feast. It was cute conversation and one that reinforces the importance of exposing children at young ages to multiple cultures because it is fun and educational, even if they don't commemorate as a family, and so that they are not thinking that their one religion is the only important one. Education is key to the growth of our children's minds and teaching them about history and the life around them will help to round out their thinking and understanding of the world, as we all different in many ways.

For all of you who celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, here are some Haiku to commemorate today's holiday on the seventeen day of March, the Festival of Patrick.

A cultural day
And religious holiday
Patron Saint Patrick

This St. Patrick's Day
The Irish commemorate
Feast, drink, celebrate

Drink, eat, celebrate
Recognize patron Patrick
And shamrock symbol

Green ribbons, shamrocks
Likely to be worn today
To commemorate

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