Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sorry It's Been So Long

It has been over two weeks since I last posted a blog on my site and want to apologize to you, my faithful readers, for keeping you in the dark for this long and appreciate you for continuing to stick with me. I promise to make up for this lag in stories, insights, funny moments and more in the coming weeks and moving forward.

It just so happens that after a nearly eight month process of trying to find a home, we have officially closed, been packing, and gearing up for the big move later this week.

We are so excited. While the process of finding a home was daunting for us, and not a typical experience from what we have learned from others, we are thrilled with our new digs and building a foundation for the life we have created with Sarah. We are so happy to plants roots and for Sarah to have a home she can live in for a long time.

There have indeed been many lessons and insights I have learned from this experience, especially being a parent, that I look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks as we settle into our new abode.

We are incredibly excited to have found a home that we love, being so very close to family, nearby to work, and in an area we really like and want to grow as a family together in.

We are in the process of kid proofing before our active monkey runs amok inside and out.

I will be in touch shortly and appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to connecting with you very soon. I am especially excited because I now get a room in my new home that I can call my space, which will also be the guest room, but where I can house my desk instead of the family room, and have private space beyond my bedroom to hole up in and write to you, relax, exercise (dance with reckless abandon), meditate, and enjoy.

Here are some Haiku to help get you through the next week as I ready for our move and major life transition. Thank you. I will be in touch soon. Hope you are well.

Life changing moment
A place that we can call home
To live in for years

Building foundation
To grow as a family
In new surroundings

Excited for change
Been wanting for a long time
And, now it is here

Home is where heart is
With family and loved ones
Surrounded by love

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