Monday, January 2, 2012

The Power of a Child's Giggle

There are so many wonderful sounds in this world.  The sound of a child giggling, especially my little one, is one of my favorites.

There is something so pure and unadulterated about the sound of laughter projected from kids. It's priceless.  Sometimes, I just stop in my tracks and my mind instantly becomes clear in order for it to be filled with this musical sense of freedom.

Oh how I wish I could bottle up Sarah's giggles in a jar and take them everywhere I go. Instead, I refer to videos on my phone and on my computer when I need a good reminder.

The sound of a child giggling is truly a powerful experience to witness. For me, this sound is music to my ears and helps to bring me back to center, take my mind off of life's stresses, and can sometimes get me out of a funk. 

What does it do for you?

The innocence of a child's laughter and giggles is captivating and refreshing. It's nearly impossible not to smile instantly when this sound is projected, especially from my precious girl.

I believe giggles are contagious.  Just thinking about it makes me smile.

How about you?  What does your child's giggle do for you? How about your nieces, nephews, cousins and other kids around you?

When days are tough, or not so much, the sound of giggly laughter from kids can be uplifting.  As adults, whether we are parents or not, we often get caught up in a lot of "serious" in life, and the sound of a child's laughter and giggles really can help to calm us down and direct our attention to something positive and playful.

Think about what you are feeling when you hear a child giggle next.  See what it does to you.  Tell us about.

Here are some Haiku on what kids and giggles and the impact of these cute and adorable sounds.

A child's giggles
Sweet, innocent, pure, funny
It can make us smile

Impact of giggles
Pure, unadulterated
Helps to warm the heart

Small body, big laughs
These sounds, straight from their bellies
Captures us, fills us

Precious sound kids make
Giggles are music to ears
For us to enjoy

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if it brings to mind thoughts you have on what a child's laughter and giggles means to you and does for you.


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