Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Klutzy Mommy Returns

I should have know that when the train from work stalled tonight, and was running slow, that my evening was going to be an interesting one.

Eventually, the train arrived at the station, and I rushed to the car in the lot to get to Sarah's school for pick-up since Daniel was home not feeling well.  On the way, there was a accident involving three cars. Paramedics and police were onsite to address the situation. So, I made a mental note not to go home that way after getting Sarah.

Fortunately, I got to Sarah's school just in the nick of time.  She was downstairs playing, giggling, hiding, and ready to go.

She and I had lovely chatter in the car about the day's events.  Once on the road, aware of the accident I passed, which also happened to be on the way to our choice grocery store, which we needed to stop by, I decided to go in a different, familiar, direction to avoid the traffic.

Going in this different direction took us closer to home but a bit further away from the grocery store that we prefer to frequent. Therefore, I decided we would go to another store, a lesser preferred option, to pick up food for dinner, and other necessities.

Once I pulled into the parking spot, we were ready to get out.  As I was getting ready to step out of the car Sarah asked me a question.  As a result, I turned my body a certain way that I might not otherwise have done.  Let's just say that as a result I swung my head right into the car door frame.

Ouch is right.  My head began to throb.

It brought me back to the time I did something similar over a year ago by banging my head on the playground apparatus playing with Sarah, which ended with me getting a mild concussion. I was dizzy for days. It was not a fun experience at all. I am a born klutz.

My sister-in-law, who is likely reading this blog post, is likely thinking back, laughing, when I first met her, being introduced to the family. We were piling into their car to go out for lunch. She thought I was already in the car climbing in and accidentally closed the car door on my head.  I know. I am a klutz. Fortunately, all I got from that experience, besides a lot of love, attention and apologies, was a big headache. (Go ahead Ellen. Get a good laugh -- it's funny).

I don't feel the way I did then; however, I am on watch to see if my symptoms change.  Ugh. I have already checked the Internet to reconfirm concussion symptoms just to be sure there is nothing to worry about.  Praying that I will be fine when I wake up in the morning and no new or lingering symptoms.

Otherwise, it's to the doctor for me tomorrow. Ugh.

It just proves that rushing accomplishes nothing.  Thankfully I was not involved in the accident as I was still driving safely. If it meant getting to Sarah's school a bit late someone would have still been there with her. Thinking about it some more, had I been at the scene of the accident just minutes earlier (maybe when my train was supposed to arrive) I could very well have been part of that accident. Thank G-d I was not.

You can bet that I am counting my blessings.

Have you ever experienced a concussion or done something silly like this?

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