Sunday, December 25, 2011

The FREE Gift of PJ Library

We received a really great holiday gift this year, and I wanted to share it with you here since it may be something you would like to get for your family, for free, as well.

Last year I wrote on my blog about an organization called The PJ Library (post available here), which happens to offer awesome reading and Jewish education materials that include sending books and music once a month to families in various cities around the United States and Canada, centered on Jewish culture. The story of how The PJ Library came about is a beautiful story, and it's included as well in my previous post.

This month, for example, we received a book about the Hanukkah holiday.

The PJ Library values the importance of reading and singing songs with children and helping to engage them in learning about their religion and culture. And, since much of this activity happens when kids are in their pajamas getting ready for bed and in the morning at wake up time, the "PJ" in The PJ Library actually stands for pajamas.

Very cool indeed.

When we received a letter a few days ago acknowledging the books and music they sent to us this past year they also happened to mention that they are gifting us with another year of wonderfully, valuable reads and songs. 

I yelped with excitement so pleased with this opportunity to continue to expose Sarah to their quality tools to provide entertainment and education simultaneously about Jewish culture that she has enjoyed to date.

One request the letter stated what that I share the opportunity, with others, you my readers, and friends and family, the chance to join PJ Library, at no cost, and become a recipient of these valuable materials to share with your children.

We have been so fortunate to be on the receiving end of this great gift, and on this holiday week, we wanted to share it with you as well.

To learn more about The PJ Library program, and how you can join in the awesome journey of Jewish education for children, visit them online at They can also be reached at 413-439-1981.

Enjoy this great reading and learning opportunity. You can enroll online, renew an existing subscription and also sign up to donate subscriptions to families who are not in a PJ Library community to give back to this great cause.

Happy reading in your jammies. Have fun!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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