Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recycled Goods for Art Projects

There are many great things that kids can do with recyclable products and turn them into masterpieces.

Recently, Sarah and I found inspiration in a book that Daniel found at the Christmas Tree Shop in our neighborhood. The book entitled Disney Princess: Things to Make and Do, Dress Up-Fashion included a Castle Jewelry Stand made out of common household leftovers including toilet and paper towel rolls as well as boxes and paper. And, this unique craft is a great way for girls to hold their rings, bracelets and necklaces.

As you can see from the picture of our final product on the left versus the model in the book, we found the inspiration yet chose to create something a bit different based on the supplies we did have at home. As a result, our creation is a bit more gussied up and unique. I also felt that the way we chose to do it enabled Sarah to be more involved in the creation. For example, we chose to color the rolls with glitter paints that Sarah easily could do on her own.

That's the beauty of creation. Sometimes you just need something to inspire you and then you can take it in a somewhat different or modified direction to suit your interests and supplies.

Since we didn't have a small brown box but instead shoe boxes, I asked Sarah if we could use one she had that happened to have her favorite princesses on it. It was the perfect compliment. The nice thing about the shoe box too was that it included four pictures of princesses on the sides. So, after covering the bottom of the box with colored paper, which was the only plain part of the box, we then cut out the pictures and decorated the back of the castle to embellish it further.

After all was complete we dazzled it with Sarah's jewelry and her eyes lit up. She was so proud of this creation we did together. As a result, we have become more conscientious of the recyclable goods we have at home and do our best to store them away for future arts and crafts projects.

Give it a try and see what inspires you to create.

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