Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye Sammy Cat

Today is a very sad day. Our 17-year-old sweet, loving and adorable kitty cat, Sammy, passed away.

I know. She was old and lived a long life. It doesn't make my heart hurt any less, and my body is numb. I hurt for my husband too as he had Sammy from the very beginning of her life. She came along to the relationship, with her sister who passed before Sarah was born, as part of the package deal when I met Daniel nearly ten years ago.

Lucky me. You better believe it.

My biggest hurt is especially for Sarah trying to help her understand death, at least somewhat, the loss of her favorite furry feline and how Sammy is not here with us any more. This I know will take time. I even have prepared Sarah for this moment long before Sammy became sick. This I will share in a future blog post.

While I gather the strength in the coming days, and maybe longer, to write a special epitaph for our Sam-a-lady, and help Sarah to understand this loss, I want to share the following Haiku in memory of our beautiful, funny, dog-like (yes, she loved to roll over and get belly rubs), sometimes clueless, always hungry, often times stinky, yet absolutely hard not to love kitty cat, Sammy.

To Sammy the cat
We will love you forever
Rest in peace sweet girl

She's physically gone
But her memory lives on
Our special girl

Full of life she was
Sammy cat in our hearts
Happy memories

How lucky we are
To have had a love like her
We are truly blessed

Goodbye Sammy girl
We will love you forever
Always in our hearts

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