Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inspired by Fall

With the beautiful change in seasons and great time spent with Sarah outdoors, here are some special, traditional Haiku.

The leaves are falling
And trees are changing colors
Red, yellow, orange

Time spent on the farm
Picking apples and pumpkins
Laughter and giggles

Sweet smell of cider
Yummy and delicious taste
A warm sensation

Much time at playgrounds
Running, jumping, climbing too
Spending time with friends

Scarecrows and pumpkins
Witches, goblins, and costumes
Soon to say trick, treat

Cool and brisk weather
Fun time riding bicycles
Enjoying the breeze

Riding swings and slides
Leaves beginning to fall down
Celebrating Fall

Creative arts, crafts
Decorate with leaves, pine cones
Great masterpieces

Nature inspires
Leaves of all shapes and sizes
Rocks, hay and pine cones

Wishing you a great Fall season. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and crisp temperatures to enjoy many great outdoor activities including apple and pumpkin picking, playground play time, bike riding and many great and fun art projects inspired by nature.

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