Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day: Time to Play & Relax

I can't believe that the summer is nearly over and that Labor Day is just a few days away.

It's been a busy year indeed, and I look forward to, when and where possible, to relax as much as I am able to this weekend during family time, play dates, a friend's wedding and time in between.

As a mommy, I can't help but also be brought back to that amazingly long, exhilarating and exhausting day, which I wrote about a while back here, when I labored to have Sarah. Don't worry, no graphic details included.

The sun shines brighter with Sarah in my life. Her smile is infectious. Her giggles are precious and keep me laughing. Her wit, charm and overall boisterous and playful personality keep me going day to day.

It's no wonder that I went through a full day of labor, two epidurals and an emergency Cesarean section to have Sarah, as she is indeed a spit fire and spark in life and nothing with her is a dull moment. Why should labor and delivery have been any different?

So, as I think of the labor of work, life, and parenting let's take a moment to relax, if possible, and breathe. I hope for all of us a weekend of ease, comfort, fun, play and joy, and likely alcohol and good food to consume.

And, since some people have to work on Labor Day, let me instead say, Happy Labor Day weekend!!!

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