Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where's Justice for Caylee Anthony?

All eyes and ears were on the verdict for the Casey Anthony trial today, the mother who was accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

When I learned that Casey was not convicted and that she was being set free I felt like I got kicked in the stomach in disbelief and felt strongly that justice was not served. I then shouted out as I could not believe this end result.

How is it that Casey did not get committed to an institution, at the very least?

Had I heard the news wrong? No. Unfortunately not.

Am I being overly judgmental of a woman who showed little to no emotion throughout the trial of her toddler? Probably. But, I don't care.

If Casey had nothing to hide and didn't end her daughter's life then why didn't she just testify and tell the truth. The absence of truth is the same as lying.

I know that this may not sound fair but to think that Caylee drowning in a pool, potentially by accident, as that is not unheard of, but to then be taped, bound and stashed on the side of a road is mind blowing, and that currently no one is to pay for the poor and erratic behavior that led to a grueling end of life for this innocent child.

As a parent, like many parents, I would do anything to protect my child. The last thing I would be doing it going out and socializing if my child were missing (heaven forbid). And, let's be real. This mom showed little to no signs of emotion or distress during this trial, except for the occasional (PRETEND) tears to fool the jury.

I want to understand that the evidence presented in the case was circumstantial and that there was unfortunately nothing concrete to charge the mother of two-year-old Caylee Anthony. However, it's really hard for me to believe.

Instead, many tears need to be shed and prayers be said for peace for little Caylee, the adorable two-year-old who captivated our hearts with her sweet smile and innocence.

I am dedicating this moment, and this blog post, in memory of Caylee Anthony. I pray for her to have peace where she is now and hope that some day, soon I beg, that justice is served to the person or persons at fault for not just her death but for the grueling ending to her life.

A haiku for Caylee Anthony

Sweet little Caylee
Wishing peace, tranquility
Rest, now you're with G-d


  1. Though I didn't hear every bit of evidence, and wasn't in the courtroom everyday, and my opinion here is based mostly on the information the media chose to give us, I felt she deserved to fry for Murder 1. Maybe that was feeling because there wasn't enough evidence, but I felt that way. Now, if there want enough to convict her on Murder 1, but she was convicted for lying to the police, and there was a body of that sweet little girl found in the disgusting manner it was, what were her lies about? If the jury believes she was lying they had to have some conviction with more teeth than lying to police. To think she could walk away with time already served is a crime in itself. What were they thinking? Casey's dad needs to be looked at as an accomplice.

    Kevin Lippert

  2. Thanks for your feedback Kevin. Knowing how controversial this case, clearly Casey's lawyer did his homework and did it well. I know that I could not have served on that jury. As a mom I would have likely been biased based on the information brought forth. This who situation is disturbing. Hopefully, Casey will get at least some prison time for the crime she has been committed of and "get hers" behind bars.


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