Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creating Personalized, Fun Wrapping Paper

Sarah had a birthday party this weekend and I decided we would try something different as far as wrapping her friend's gift. Loving arts and crafts as much as I do it seemed like a fun opportunity to engage Sarah to be part of the gift wrapping process.

Sarah agreed.

Since Sarah really enjoys coloring on paper it seemed the perfect opportunity to let her loose, and with a new purpose, and draw to her hearts content.

You can work with any sized paper, white, colors or even those with designs already on them. Since we were wrapping a birthday gift it worked out well that we happened to have paper with a cake and candles already on it, and felt it was the right choice for this present.

Once you decide on your paper choice, then choose which medium your child would like to work with. Markers, crayons, stickers and paint are all good choices.

Then, let your kids go to town and have a blast. Sarah went from paper to paper and back. She drew circles, traced her hands, drew stick figures and shapes too.

After all the drawing is done, then tape the pieces of paper together to create a square or rectangle, depending on the shape and size of the gift. Once the gift is wrapped, give your kids another chance to add more decorations to the paper.

Sarah chose to color more with her markers and place stickers across the top.

So, when you happen to have a gift that is too big for the wrapping paper or gift bags you have at home go ahead and get creative with your kids and make personalized wrapping paper. Not only does the gift look really cool but it's also fun time spent together and children feel part of the process especially when they give the gifts to their friends.

Here's a quick summary of steps to making cool, creative and personalized wrapping paper.
1. Choose paper style and color
2. Determine how much paper will be needed to wrap gift
3. Engage children in decorating the paper
4. Offer children the options for them to decorate (e.g., markers, crayons, stickers
5. Let the kids get creative and have a ball
6. Tape up the pieces of paper to create one big piece
7. Have children help you wrap gift
8. Offer children opportunity to add more decoration to gift once its wrapped
9. Give kids a high five once the gift wrapping creation is complete

Enjoy getting creative with the kids and making unique, one-of-kind wrappings for the special people in your lives.

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