Friday, July 8, 2011

"Caylee's Law" to Help Protect America's Children

With all the angst, outrage and disappointment from the Casey Anthony trial verdict, I was pleased to learn this morning that at least something good is coming from this terribly, tragic situation.

Four states in the U.S. including Florida, Oklahoma, West Virginia and my home state New York are establishing new legislation called "Caylee's Law." This effort will force parents and guardians of children missing within the first 24 hours to report their disappearance.

For my new hometown New Jersey, I hope you get on board soon too.

At least for the state in which I am employed, I was pleased to see that due to an overwhelming outpouring via email, Pennsylvania State Senator Larry Farnese plans to introduce a bill to enforce more stringent penalties for caregivers who conceal a child's death and neglect to report them missing.

While Caylee may not have been found alive had it been reported within 24 hours that she was missing, it could have at least saved a lot of angst, emotional suffering from friends and family, and time and resources to search for her.

To make matters worse, since Casey waited over a month to report her child missing, when Caylee'sbody was eventually found it was so overly decomposed that it left the prosecution little evidence from her body to properly try and sentence Casey for what she deserves for the crime many of us strongly believe she committed.

Thankfully, someone took action and established an online petition on where the public can sign and encourage for “Caylee's Law” to be enforced. Something needs to be done to help protect America's children from crimes such as this where criminals like Casey get set free. It should come as no surprise that well over half of million signatures are on the petition to date including mine.

I implore you, please sign the petition too. While signing this document will not prevent evil people from harming our children, it is a deterrent to help improve on this crime that is sadly happening too much in our country.

Together, let's help to protect America's kids from the cruel Casey Anthony's of our nation.

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