Monday, June 13, 2011

Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards Points

If you happen to have a credit card that offers rewards points or are in the market to find a credit card that does, consider the various types of rewards programs before choosing to determine which is most suitable for you and your family.

Should you be a person who does not take advantage of rewards programs than opt not to get a card of this nature as you will not benefit from it for its full maximum potential.

For those of us that like to make some money or get something in return for the money we are spending then rewards programs are something worth looking into.

We can make money from spending money or receive great merchandise and more.

For example, if you are a frequent flier it likely makes sense to get a card that rewards you with travel points primarily. If you want the option for cash back, credit to account, merchandise and even travel then consider credit cards associated with banks and other institutions where they provide these offerings.

I happen to have a credit card that gives me a point for every dollar I spend. I don't spend to just get the points. However, when I do spend the money it's nice to know that it can help me in the long run.

After reviewing the rewards available to me for my credit card based on my current points available I decided that instead of putting it toward a gift card or specific merchandise it was best for me to either get a check or credit to my account. This enabled me to make more money towards a desired merchandise that wasn't on the rewards list and to get dollar for dollar returned to me.

Then, I went online to a familiar retailer and found the product I was looking for for Sarah that I was hoping to get a bargain on for quite some time. Through this approach, not only did I find it online for less money than in the store, I also saved money by having it delivered to the store's location. And, with the credit to my card's account I even got to save some dollars too.

Now, Sarah is the proud, and extremely happy owner of a sand and water table. She is in love with this product all because I took action to maximize my credit card's potential and benefit from its rewards feature.

Not only is getting the most out of our credit cards a great way to save money, but when it comes to kids and their ever evolving toys and clothes, it's a valuable benefit that enables us to secure products that might otherwise be outside of our budget to justify purchasing.

With rewards you can gain rewards.

Happy shopping. Happy saving!!!

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