Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day: Appreciation and Haiku

When I was asked by my hair stylist today what I was doing for Mother's Day he was surprised when I told him that I was taking Sarah, with Daniel, to see a local performance of the ballet Swan Lake. He, a dad, said, "this is supposed to be a day about you. You should do something for yourself."

While in a few years or ten I might very well be saying that I want to spend time at the spa getting a massage, manicure and pedicure away from my child in peace and quiet, I instead, now with my 3 year old, love too much the experiences I share with her to miss any more time with her.

I have also come to realize that over the past few years there just haven't been enough days to spend with Sarah, especially since I work full-time outside of home. Therefore, even a day like Mother's Day I want to spend it with my daughter, and husband, as a family.

When I saw the opportunity to get the tickets for the ballet, a potential new interest and passion for Sarah, one of the show dates happened to be on Mother's Day. I didn't think twice about choosing another day. I thought, how nice it would be to spend the day with my husband and daughter doing something like this together. An experience, hopefully good, to remember.

So, what ever it is that you are choosing to do this Mother's Day, it's your day to do whatever it is that you would like. Feel free to take time, guilt-free, to get some pampering. Or, if you choose, like I do, to spend time with your family in an activity that's great too, go for it.

Have a blast.

Mother's Day just happens to take place on May 8 this year. I personally believe that Mother's Day is every day.

The one thing Mother's Day helps to remind us is that we are loved, appreciated and recognized for the everything that we do to keep our families functioning and everyone as happy as possible.

If anything, this holiday is a time to remember how much we do for our children, what it means to us, and why we do it.

We are moms. We love our children unconditionally. And, even if on Mother's Day, our children drive us crazy even for a little bit, it's all part of the big master plan, to give us the opportunity to love our children and be loved by them in return. Being a mom is a special gift and one we are truly blessed to have.

I thank G-d every day for my precious, adorable, and sometimes exhausting, Sarah. She is, to me, the most amazing human being in this world, and one in which I enjoy life through her eyes and the experiences we have together and as an entire family. She is the center of my core and my inspiration. She has become my motivation to make a better world, for her and others. She gives me purpose and meaning.

Motherhood is not easy. While it's important to acknowledge our accomplishments we must also realize that we have had some challenges as well, and that's okay. We are human. We love hard and we hurt hard too.

Today is a reminder of what we do as moms, how much we do, how hard parenting can be, how much we love and how hard we love our children whether they are little or grown up.

I am truly blessed to be loved by the two people who matter most to me, as well as by my dear friends and family.

I wish all the moms what I have been fortunate to be blessed with and that's love, happiness and good health.

Happy Mother's Day today, tomorrow and always.

Of the many things that I share with my husband, one of them is writing, and especially Haiku. Here are some Mother's Day Haiku for you.

Happy Mother's Day
Time to spend with family
Beautiful May day

With love from children
And their appreciation
For all that we do

To all the mommies
Love, happiness and good health
Happy Mother's Day

Be good to yourself
As parenting is tough work
Wanting most for kids

As moms we aim to
Love unconditionally
It's our nature

Happy Mother's Day
Have a great time together
Celebrating You

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