Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cool News to Share

As readers of my blog, Mommy's Point of View, I thought of you to share some really cool news.

As you know, I have often been writing and sharing parenting tips and advice here with you at Mommy's Point of View and also on other blogs as a guest, social networking sites, parenting Web sites and sometimes conducting interviews with parenting magazines, local newspapers, etc.

I am excited to report that a set of my tips about helping to raise a reader has been included in a local newspaper near where I live.

I am very excited about this and wanted to share this news with you since it makes me very happy to see that I am able to help here on my blog and also beyond the borders of Mommy's Point of View.

It just proves even more how much Sarah has given me purpose well beyond her being in my life. I thank my beautifully bright and gifted little girl who provides me with inspiration and motivation to try new things and help others.

Check out the story on Montgomery News's website
here and below. I am on page three at the top, under the section "Read early and often."

Here are links to previous stories that I have written on reading with additional tips and insights beyond what's included in the article.

Getting Kids to Embrace Reading

Jewish Pajama Library

Reading with Toddler: A World of Exploration and Humor

Thanks again to you for following me, reading what I write, receiving my RSS feeds each time I post a new story, and being with me on this journey of parenting including exploration, experience, trials and tribulations, fear, happiness and so much more.

Thanks for being my supporters and followers and friends. Together let's help to continue raising our kids to be future readers.

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