Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Apologies for Not Blogging This Week

With being completely tired, exhausted and sometimes mentally drained from the day, and in this case a full week since my last blog post, it's been tough for me to sit down at my computer to fully post a blog that I feel is worth sharing.

Let's just say it's been a caffeine fueled week with early bedtimes for this full-time working mommy.

For me, I really need to be compassionate about something and fully committed to a topic to write about it with gusto. And, I hope you experience that dedication and passion with the stories and information I have been sharing here at Mommy's Point of View.

I carry a note pad and pen with me often so that when ideas do pop into my head and I say "I really need to blog about that" I jot it down as a reminder for upcoming posts. There have even been times where I get an idea and I run to the computer to share it right away. It just hasn't been that way for me this week.

Sarah has provided me much inspiration and motivation to write these past two years including this week. However, my fatigue this week has limited my ability to hone in on something to commit to, and I promise this will change soon.

I actually have several stories in draft mode written that I have been wanting to get posted and need to fine-tune before sharing with you.

Please know that I will be back this week with some fun information, Sarah updates, and cool parenting insights and tips.

Thanks for your continued interest. Keep on coming back. And, I appreciate your comments, so please keep on sharing.

Thank you!!!

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