Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting my Groove On with Ricky Martin

This past week my sister and I experienced a much-needed mommy night off to laugh, be grown-ups, sing loud, scream in joy, dance our tails off and be out late with no parenting duties or little ones in need of our attention.

While this mommy night off was a bit more costly than the usual night out (something we justified as birthday presents to each other) including a two-hour long drive to and from the venue, spending much to park the car (thankfully with an online coupon to ease this a bit), we sang, we shouted, we danced Add Image-- the experience itself was priceless.

My sister and I went to see Ricky Martin live in concert as part of his world tour for his new album Musica Almo Sexo. This was his first tour in over three years, and since he became a dad to his twins Valentino and Matteo, and since announcing to the world (something many of us already knew) that he is gay.

So, not only was this concert an awesome experience for us it was likely more explosive than anything he has every done personally since he is now free to be open about his sexuality and is a loving parent to his toddlers, an experience he did not have on his previous tours. What can I say, he's that much more sexy. I know, I know, he's gay. Hey, all I really want is to just dance with him.

I was also very fortunate to ready his first book entitled, ME, before seeing this concent which made me feel even more connected to him as a parent, humanitarian and human being.

As a mommy who feels often like I burn the wick at both ends, a night out like this is so important and imperative to all parents regardless of how many children you have, even if just one. It's so easy to make excuses that we can't make the time to go out or that our children need us to stay home. The truth is that while our children do indeed want us they also need us to be happy, fulfilled, patient and satisfied to be good role models to them.

While this particular experience of a concert is a lot more costly than going to a movie or out to dinner I am not suggesting we need to spend this kind of money to have a good time. However, I saw this opportunity as something more than a night out but instead an experience to feel for quite a while, talk about endlessly (which I have done to date) and to smile about for a very long time. This experience caused me to play Ricky's music more often for Sarah to listen and dance to and for her to become a fan as well. She now even requests that I play his music often, which warms my heart.

As parents, some of us (including myself) often make many excuses (sometimes for good reasons including money -- this is legitimate) not to do stuff for ourselves because we want to spend time with our kids or we want to spend the money and time on our children. However, it's really important that we take time for ourselves even if it's just a walk or stroll around the block, time to read in private, to hang out with friends sans kids or to make a splurge like a concert to find our center again as a person, and not just as a parent.

Thinking back, ever since I was a little girl I have been dancing. (Thanks mom) My sister and I practiced and participated in dance recitals for years, school performances and collegiate dance events that fostered our dancing skills even further. After college, she and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic and were able to hone these skills even further from masters of the craft. Despite inclement weather that left beach time limited, we instead spend much of our time experiencing the night life with more hours that expected dancing, dancing, dancing. We learned salsa and finessed our existing skills with merengue. We had such an amazing time.

For those who know me really well know that my dream in life (well before I had a husband and child) was to be one of Ricky's back-up dancers. Go ahead and laugh. I will say this, after seeing his concert, which was indeed great, I think I still have a chance. (Ha ha ha) While the male dancers were really good I was not at all impressed by the female dancers. There's hope after all. Go ahead laugh. We all have dreams. This just happens to be one of mine.

This particular concert was even more intense for me, and my sister as well, since not only have I not seen Ricky sing live outside of television performances, it was my first time seeing him in person after years of loving, living and dancing to his music.

Therefore, I highly encourage all of us, parents or not, to get our groove on, whatever it is that makes us get back to center, and have a blast. And, for those of us who are parents, this is that much more important for us to be the best we can be as parents because in order to take care of them we need to take care of ourselves.


  1. Great post,
    Ricky Martin and his music are a ray of sunshine :)

    Ricky, Matteo and Valentino:

  2. Mary -- thank you so much for reading my blog and also for sending this video of Ricky and his adorable tots. They are all so cute. I especially love the mini pianos and the big play area with many of the same toys Sarah plays with. This brought a smile to my face. And, Sarah hoped up on my lap to watch as well.


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