Saturday, April 9, 2011

Craving the Weekend

When I came home from work yesterday, after a really busy week, all I wanted was the weekend. I craved for it.

Even though Sarah gets up early in the morning during the weekends, like she does during the week, at least I knew I wouldn't have to jump out of bed, get ready for work in a hurry, get Sarah dressed and off to school right away, or beat the clock to get to the train station when all morning activities were completed.

It should come as no surprise then that Sarah decided to rise much earlier than planned this morning. Such is my life. However, I didn't have to push the button on the alarm clock and tried my best to climb back under the covers to grab more zzzzz's while Sarah played in her room. Sometimes Sarah likes to look at photos on my iPod Touch next to my bedside, which I graciously let her do as that gives me a few more minutes of much-needed rest too.

Just knowing that I didn't have to be somewhere this morning, even though grocery shopping was a MUST activity for today, I was able to take my time, get a groove going and settle into the morning.

What's even greater about weekends, even though spending time with friends and family is great fun, is having no agenda at all. Letting the day happen as it will is a beautiful thing.

It's fun, and relaxing listening to Sarah put pretend make-up on Daniel in the other room while I take a few moments to collect my thoughts, stare out the window at the birds playing and grass and trees blowing, experiencing the calm of it all. This makes for weekends a great time indeed and something I crave for often.

While weekends for me, and us as a family, are often busy, it's these days where chores that have piled up can get done, or started at least, where time to hang out, play, and not think too hard about it are a must.

Hope you are having a great weekend too.

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