Friday, April 29, 2011

Asthma Education Grants to Protect Our Kids

When I am not parenting and playing with Sarah, I spend much of my time working in a career educating the public through the media about various types of illnesses, conditions and diseases.

The goal of my work is to help guide people to learn more about specific ailments they or a loved one may be afflicted with and to direct them to information and support to make informed health decisions including encouraging them to work closely with their health care providers.

On occasion, there are topics that I am promoting that really hit home for me, especially when the project is regarding children. It's these times especially that I feel it is necessary to share them with you here at Mommy's Point of View.

Therefore, I would like to tell you about an education program about asthma, specifically as it relates to children, just recently announced. And, while I have been told that Sarah may have asthma, which we really won't know for sure until she gets a bit older, I feel it is important to share this with you should you have a child or children that are K-12 and want to get involved.

Nothing is scarier as a parent then to hear our children wheeze or struggle for a breath. It's even harder to send our children off to school not knowing for sure if the right tools and resources are available and proper education conveyed should my child or another experience asthma symptoms or an attack that can be managed when we are not present.

My client Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. has teamed up with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and grand slam tennis champion and mom Mary Joe Fernandez who lives with asthma and cares for her young son who has the condition as well.

This education campaign called Everyone Breathe (, which first launched in 2010, now for the first time includes a grants program designed to help improve the quality of asthma care and education in schools across the nation. Parents or guardians of children with asthma are encouraged to submit an application and nominate their child and their child’s school for one of 10 grand prizes. Ten winning applications will be selected: the 10 students in the winning applications will receive $2,500 savings bonds and the 10 schools in the winning applications will receive $5,000 grants to conduct education and implement asthma-friendly tools and resources to better the school environment.

Mary Joe Fernandez battled symptoms of asthma for years, and now as a mom of a young child with the same condition she says, "I can't emphasize enough the importance of quality asthma care both at home and in school.” Further, she conveys "parents of children with asthma [need] to take a proactive role in helping them lead healthy and symptom-free lives and one way to do this is to help make their environments more asthma-friendly."

As parents, and guardians, of our children, here is an opportunity to take a stand in being able to help improve the environment in which they spend much of their day - school. While my tot is only three and; therefore, we are not eligible to sign up for this opportunity to help improve her school's environment, here is your chance for those of you with children K-12 with asthma to make a difference.

By going to you can nominate your child with asthma and their school for the Everyone Breathe Asthma Education savings bond and grant. The goal is for you to submit a nomination including your proposal on what asthma care and education needs to be done within your child's school environment. It's a good idea to engage with your child's school administrator or parent/teacher organizations to discuss further with them to learn more about what is specifically needed in your child's school setting.

Teachers, school administrators, and anyone else who is involved with schools are encouraged to notify parents of children with asthma about the opportunity and to work with them to submit an application.

How cool is this?

Here is your chance to make a direct impact on your child's school environment and to help further protect them, and their classmates, who live with this life-threatening condition asthma.

An additional 50 applications will also be selected as second-place winners and those nominated schools will receive asthma nebulizer kits.

As we all know as parents, schools are often struggling due to budget cuts to provide the best tools and resources for our children. Here's a chance to help make a difference in the life of your child and that of his or her classmates and school by taking part in this unique contest.

As far as timing for application submissions for the Everyone Breathe contest, forms are available on the website starting now through July 29, 2011. Winners will be announced in September 2011.

When you have completed your application check out the website even further as there are a great number of valuable resources including questions to ask you doctor, a diary to document asthma triggers your child experiences, a caregiver check list, and action plan to complete with your doctor.

Especially as a mom of a young child, you can be sure I will be reviewing this information and talking further with my daughter's doctor so we are fully away and alert to her triggers should asthma be her confirmed diagnosis.

Good luck to you and thank you for allowing me to share this important news and opportunity to help protect children with asthma.

Here is your chance to take action against asthma.


  1. Hi Caren! I just spotted your article on BlogHer, and had to respond. Asthmatic symptoms are exacerbated by air pollution, and there are a group of us moms fighting to make sure that our air quality is as good as it can be for our children. Unfortunately, there are some folks trying to weaken air standards. If you could join us at Moms Clean Air Force and help spread the word -- your story is so important! -- that would be GREAT. Here is the info:

    It is SO very important that the EPA hears from families like yours. Please do submit a letter and encourage all the families you know to do the same. All my best, Elisa from, and Moms Clean Air Force

  2. Thank you Elisa for commenting on my blog post about the Everyone Breathe program and telling me about the Moms Clean Air Force. I just signed up online and submitted my petition --

    Any chance you would be interested in sharing the program with your readers at and Thanks for your time and consideration.


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