Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sarah's Job: Setting the Table

A while back we visited with friends, who also have kids, and I was enamored by the table settings. I remember saying how brave my friend was to decorate with such nice dishware. She laughed. From a far, these dishes look like stoneware. They are misleading indeed, in a good way. They are made of plastic and can indeed be dropped on the floor, accidentally of course, by our kids. And, the clear and colored plastic cups complete the look as well.

I was hooked. I rushed off to Target later that week, where she bought the dishes and cups and stocked up on them as well.

Since moving into our new home, with more space, I have been able to finally put out these plates, bowls and cups in our dining room on a shelf.

As a result, Sarah started to pick up the dishes and place them on the table playing pretend. All of a sudden when meal time came Sarah insisted that she set the table. At first, I chuckled. I thought. Okay. let's give her a shot and see what she does. She set the table indeed with plates, napkins, forks only (she knows not to touch the knives) and place mats too.

I was so impressed. I asked Sarah if she wanted to do this task of setting the table more often. Let's just say that setting the table has become Sarah's new task and responsibility, and one that she enjoys. All of this because I invested in cool, plastic ware.

Therefore, if you are afraid, as I have been, of your little one dropping a dish or glass, here's a way to have your meals with piece of mind. Consider decorative plastic dishes that can also go in the dishwasher.

Sarah loves this "job" in the family and she takes great pride in setting the table for us to have dinner and other meals. It's really cute seeing her do this and being very serious about her responsibility. She's very proud and so am I.

These are the dishes that we own purchased from Target. They come in various colors. There are many other plastic dinnerware options to consider as well. When I first purchased our dishes they were price per item. They have become so popular that they are now selling them as sets too so you have the option.

Have fun shopping.


  1. I hope you like this "table-setting" cartoon!!


  2. I do. Thank you so much. This is great. I am so honored that you chose us as a runner up in the Oh Brother contest. Thank you again. Sarah is indeed a character and thanks for helping it be brought to life with cartoon. :)


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