Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Portable Potty Seat - A Must

Now that Sarah is fully potty trained it has been interesting trying to get her to "go" before we leave the house so there are no accidents in the car, at the playground, and while we are out and about.

While she has been very good about staying "dry" and asking to go to the bathroom, there have been some instances where I have needed to run clear across a store or back to the house from the playground to get to the toilet in time for Sarah to go.

However, there is a solution.

A while back my sister asked me to get for her girls a portable potty seat that she could use for the beach. She recommended the Potette 2-in-1. At first, I thought this was somewhat of a ridiculous purchase because it looked like a ring where the child would sit on the ground instead of a few inches from the ground. The pictures on the packaging made it seem hard to envision how it worked since the product was folded up.

The good news is that I have since been able to see this seat up close and in person. The diagram online and on the packaging at first didn't seem to do the product justice as I really couldn't envision how a child really sat on the seat.

The seat is great. It folds up easily so it can be carried in a stroller, in a diaper bag or pocketbook and even in the trunk of the car.

The first time I used the seat for Sarah we were outside of a wholesale shopping club and Sarah asked to go to the bathroom. With perishables in the car and no interest in having her use the less than clean bathrooms inside I decided it was time to give the seat its first try.

Knowing that she was newly potty trained and not fully practiced at holding it in this next visual should bring you a laugh.

First, I highly recommend that you pull the seat out of its store packaging (a really hard plastic) before first use. Let's just say that I tried tearing it open with my teeth in a hurry and it was somewhat of a challenge and laughing matter as well. While quickly and desperately trying to get the seat free from the plastic, in between breaths I begged Sarah to hold it in. Second, I suggest you test out the seat to know how to secure it in place as when your child needs to go trying to figure out how it stays still is not the ideal time for a dry run (pun intended).

Eventually, there in the parking lot between the open driver and passenger doors I opened the potty seat, with a little bit of privacy, and plopped Sarah on top.

I was waiting for Sarah to tell me that she didn't have to go as she has done that before when we are out at restaurants. Sometimes she just wants to get up and thinks it's funny.

The good news is that Sarah went. And she loved it. She really enjoyed the adventure.

Even better is that now when we are out and about I don't leave home without the portable potty seat. This can also sit on top of toilet seats if time allows and you are not rushing with your child in tow in the hopes a leak won't happen along the way.

Sarah, and her friends, have since used this potty when we have been out on the go and it has been great. While it's still important to encourage our kids to use the bathroom before they leave the house, sometimes circumstances make it challenging for getting to a toilet in a timely fashion. So, I recommend that every parent with a potty trained child, have a portable seat available for trips outside the home, even for the short stints too.

It is a great relief to know that I don't have to rush to get Sarah to a bathroom and that she has great comfort with her travel potty.

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