Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Car Seat Has Been Chosen

In my previous blog post entitled Choosing Our Next Car Seat I narrowed down my search for a new combination seat for my growing three-year-old. The choices were the Britax Frontier 85 and the Recaro ProSport. Since Sarah was just about grown out of her existing seat the Britax Roundabout 40, it was sadly, time to make this necessary investment in a new seating option. Therefore, much time went into researching car seats so that the choice we made was a final safety seating solution.

The final step was to take Sarah to the store for her to sit in each of these seats to check them for comfort, ease of use especially buckling her in and out, functionality, and more.

Since both of these car seats had high ratings from parents across the nation and their price tags were similar, we started to look then at other points of consideration and needs.

I didn't expect to go into BuyBuy Baby and spend as much time as we did, but am really glad that we did. Not only did we really take our time but we had super great staff there to address our questions and back and forth points of view several times over. They even came out to our car in the parking lot to help educate us on how either of our choices would be installed into our vehicle, and their recommendations too.

After popping Sarah in and out of the two car seats several times and thinking of her needs when traveling for short and long trips we decided to go with the Britax Frontier 85. This choice had GREAT reviews as far as safety and comfort. Further, it provides more visibility for Sarah to look out the window, something she loves to do, and this seat gives Sarah more room to grow. It also has external cup holders that don't retract inside the seat so they are durable.

The three downsides I discovered, which in no way are negative to the Recaro ProSport but more so due to the needs of Sarah and the size of our current vehicle. It appeared to be a wider frame than what we currently had and; therefore, due to the small back seat in the vehicle, there would have been even less room for me to sit beside her as I like to do. Further, the head support, while very sturdy and great for sleepers whose heads move forward, was also very wide and somewhat limiting for Sarah to look out the side windows as much as she likes to do. The last, and most important point, was that five point harness system was too short in the crotch area. It didn't look like Sarah would have much more room to grow over the next several years and was close to being a tight fit.

A favorite facet of the Britax Frontier 85, one of which I did not appreciate until it was fully installed by my husband inside the car, is that it rests lower and less on an angle than her previous seat the Britax Roundabout. Sarah can more easily reach for her toys and books in the bin next to her, and she and I can sit closer together, when I ride in the back seat with her. Sarah can also get in and out of the car seat far more easily than she did before since it's lower to the vehicle seat.

All-in-all, I am very happy with the choice made to buy the Britax Frontier 85. It certainly helped as well to have a coupon to save some money on this high-quality product. This made me very happy. I was especially thrilled that it was a relatively easy car seat to install (thanks to my husband). Sarah also seems very pleased, happy and comfortable with her new car seat. She really likes it.

I highly recommend the Britax Frontier 85 should you be looking for a fully functioning option for your toddler, preschooler or youngster. This seat supports weight up to 120 pounds. This will be Sarah's last seat we ever need to purchase, and I am thankful for that. She has much room to grow in this seat.

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