Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sarah and Mommy Get a Goove On!

Just after dinner last night I decided to put on some music. On went one of my favorite musicians of all time, amongst others, Ricky Martin. What can I say. I've got the hips and I know what to do with them and what better way to use them then with Latin music.

While Sarah sat at the table just after dinner she started to bop her head around, Then, it was her arms. I asked her if she wanted to dance, and dance is exactly what she did, we did.

I digress for a moment.

When Daniel and I were dating, I mentioned to him that one of the things I like to do much of is dance. This included dancing around the house and at parties, clubs, etc. Hey, it's a great form of exercise and one that is an incredible release. So, for nine years Daniel has seen me shake my "bon bon" all over the place.

So, then, it should come as no surprise that I intend to continue dancing my butt off where ever and whenever I can, and where possible to engage Sarah if she is willing, in the process.

As parents we often do what we can to motivate and inspire our children to find things they are passionate about. It's also very important for our children to see what we are passionate about as well and to continue to enjoy what makes us happy.

I look forward to many more dance parties in our living room with Sarah joining in with tunes of Latin, hip hop, reggae, swing, disco and more. Daniel, while not a lover of dance, enjoys cutting a rug every so often. It's fun when we are all dancing together.

Go ahead, get your groove on!

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