Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sarah's Got a New "Do"

When Sarah was a baby she did not have a lot of hair. I often envisioned the possibility of her having a cute little bob-like hair style Suri Cruise did when she was a toddler.

Sarah's hair also does not really grow that fast. For the longest time I wished for it to grow long so that I could be able to put it up in barrettes and in pony tails and pigtails.

Then, one day at school, for a holiday activity, the girls in Sarah's class were given headbands to wear as part of their costumes. She looked so adorable. It was then that she became hooked on headbands.

For those who know Sarah know that she rarely wears her headbands the right way, or for long. She often would wear them just at the crown of her head or over her eyes. Sometimes she would look like a flapper from the 40s with the headband over the sides of her hair angled on top. There are also times where Sarah decides she wants to wear many headbands at one time.

Eventually, over time, Sarah's hair started to grow. I was able to finally put it up in many different types of barrettes and hair ties. She looked so incredibly cute. The challenge was that the pieces would often either come out on their own, due to her fine hair, or by Sarah pulling them out. She just loves to have her hair be free flowing.

I have also noticed that Sarah is extra sensitive to her hair falling in her eyes. She is constantly pushing her hair away from her face. In fact, she has had bangs for quite some time since longer hair requires it being pinned back, which Sarah doesn't always favor.

On a separate note, Sarah has had a few haircuts since birth. They have always looked good but I have always questioned, do I really need to spend the money to do this when her hair is in the manner it is and that it has to be cut so often? So, I started to cut her bangs and leave the rest of her hair to grow. Not only did this save us some money, it gave Sarah and I a fun activity to enjoy together.

Her hair; however, never seems quite styled. It often is somewhat messy. It was suitable for Sarah's personality with it being free and no fuss.

So, after going to a birthday party recently, and seeing a little girl with a cute bob type hair cut and having Sarah's hair in barrettes and pigtails all day, looking completely disheveled, I decided it was time to try and cut it.

The next morning I asked Sarah if she wanted a haircut and she agreed. She was so excited. She loves it when I cut her bangs. This, however, was completely different territory than I was used to. For the kid that rarely sits still, it was a tougher job than I had anticipated. So, while I ended up cutting off more than I had hoped, because she kept moving, it looks like she now has a cute little pixie cut bob. It's a bit choppy and not so manicured. Then again, Sarah is such a free-spirited child that it suits her well. I am willing for it to grow just a bit longer but am excited I decided to take this chance. She looks so cute.

Change is good. It's so easy to get used to what works and what's comfortable. Sarah and I were both ready for change and the end result was something fun, new and easy. Sarah does not need barrettes or pony tail holders and doesn't pull her hair away from her eyes. She still loves headbands and they look even cuter on her now but with pizazz.

Maybe next time I might take Sarah to someone professional to clean up her hair from what I did. But, for an amateur, I think I did okay. It's only hair, right? It will grow back. Sarah's loving her new "do" and telling everyone all about it.

Here's to life at new lengths. Enjoy!!!

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