Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy Slept Nine Hours


It's a rarity that I get to sleep as much as nine hours in a row without getting woken up by my energetic, "wakes up often at night" little girl.

And, it probably didn't hurt that I hit the sack early and prepared all of Sarah's food, and my belongings, for the following day. Sometimes I am just so tired mentally and physically from the day that I just wait until the next morning to cram in the "get ready for school" responsibilities.

I know. Not a good idea.

It also helped tremendously that I went to sleep with little stress in my mind knowing that outside of the snow that was expected to come, and my husband's help shoveling, I had nothing else to prepare for in the morning other than getting myself ready, Sarah too, and spending time with her having breakfast.

Before moving to the suburbs I always prepared Sarah's school meals the night before. I have fallen into the habit of waiting to the morning of to manage. While it doesn't take a lot of time, I do end up racing around to get it all completed that I start my day off somewhat frazzled.

Today, while still tired (I am making up for three years of lost sleep), I am more relaxed even despite a late school opening. This of course wouldn't be possible if my husband (who I adore very much) didn't get up to shovel, drop me off at the train and then take Sarah to school.

Therefore, I need to get back to my night time routine, if it means I can sleep more comfortably, and longer.

So, here's to me getting a fresh new start for Monday morning by preparing the night before and getting to bed early.

Here's to a good night's sleep for mommies and daddies everywhere.

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