Sunday, December 12, 2010

Setting Up Kid Space In Our New Home

Since moving into our new house it should come as no surprise that the two most important rooms to get fully settled and done are Sarah's room and the family room, as these two spaces are where she will be spending most of her time.

Having grand visions for what these rooms should look like and function as has caused me some angst. Let's just say that despite living in apartments most of my adult life I still happen to have some very large furniture. Some pieces are working while others are not. And, others we are just making work. Since this home is temporary until we decide when and where to buy we are making the most of what we have.

Let's just say that the family room has been switched around a lot so far. I am especially thankful for my hubby for amusing me and helping me to make these changes and understanding my need to make them. He knows me so well that he often jokes to remind him to tell him where things are since he knows I am likely to move them again.

I am; however, pleased to say that as I am typing on my computer in the family room with Sarah in here playing I stare at the space and am currently very happy with the layout. This room used to be my favorite. But, then once all the toys entered the stress began to fill.

After Sarah went to sleep last night we moved furniture around and agree that it's likely the best format. And, the toys are placed around the room and it seems a more calming and friendly space for kids and adults to play.

For Sarah's room we had to be a bit more creative. First, her room was a fair bit smaller than her previous room and there was somewhat limited space for all the furniture, decorations and books we hoped to keep included in there. The great news is that this room has an enormous closet. So, I decided to do something my sister did in her kid's rooms, and removed the closet doors. Since Sarah kept opening and closing the doors anyhow in the mornings, it was a no brainer to decide to take them out. So, out they went and in went a bookcase and baskets to maximize the space for her clothes, books and loads of stuffed animals.

Despite Sarah's room being a bit small, we have used the space efficiently and effectively. And, Sarah really likes the cozy feel of it. At the end of the day, she spends most of her time in the family room playing so it's best at this young age to keep the items in her room to a minimum so that rest and sleep are more likely and distractions are less.

More unpacking to do. More settling in to do.

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