Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

Wow! What a year it has been. So much happened in the past 12 months especially as Sarah grew and developed by leaps and bounds. Sarah is an incredibly smart, fun, energetic child and so full of life. She truly lived this year to the fullest. She was an integral part of my inspiration and motivation for much change that took place during this past year.

It's amazing how much change can happen with children between the ages of two and three.

It's unbelievable to me that this little person has such a robust vocabulary and a great ability to understand and have conversations. My little girl is indeed growing up.

As challenging as this stage of her life has been it's been the most fun, since we get to play much, read a lot, share interests and get to really know each other. This may sound silly, but it's true. Sarah, in my eyes, while still a little kid, is a grown-up kid. I am sure most parents say this about their children, so why shouldn't I.

While Sarah requires a lot more of my attention being an only child and one with a growing imagination and interest to play and explore, it's been a joyous process but a challenging one too. I will say it's been great to have free license to go on the swings and down the slides with her often and laugh as hard as possible. As a family we experienced many kids museums, zoos and farms this year. I especially enjoyed experiencing life through Sarah's eyes, and plan to continue to do so moving forward, as much as she will let me.

This was the year of "The Helper." This is likely an age thing but boy it has been great. We baked together. She helped rake leaves and shovel snow. Sarah enjoyed setting the table, making her bed and learning how to get dressed on her own. I have also been told she's very helpful at school. The list goes on.

Sarah has also become that much more in love with her books. Her coloring skills have also blossomed. She has also developed a super imagination for pretend play. I look forward to this activity being fostered further in 2011 and moving forward. Sarah has also established relationships with dear friends and family in a way that is so special to watch because they are all on her terms.

This year has also been a test of patience. I was told that the terrible twos would be challenging, and we did experience some of these moments. Daniel and I have also been given a dose or more of what's really in store for us with the unruly "threes." Therefore, one of the many things I need to work on in 2011 is developing greater patience and understanding as a parent. It probably doesn't hurt for me to brush up on some parenting tips and advice from various resources such as books like The Happiest Toddler on the Block and online parenting sites and fellow parenting blogs.

This was also the year of saying to Sarah, "please listen" or "you are not listening." Children have so much stimulus around them that it's so easy for them to be distracted and unable to concentrate. I know for certain that Sarah's hearing is good. Her listening skills on the other hand need much work.

There have been many major Sarah milestones in 2010. As a family we have also experienced several life changes. Having recently moved to a new city, new home, new job and new school including making new friends, there have been many plates flying in the air all at once. In some instances it was an overwhelming experience. But, now, with most of the boxes unpacked and settling in continuing, I look back on this year thankful for the many opportunities and experiences we have had and the journeys that lie ahead that we will take together as a family, and individually both personally and professionally. I am also appreciative to all my friends, family and followers who have played a big part in supporting me during this life changing stage.

While I am not one to really make New Year's resolutions, it can't hurt to jot down some thoughts on what I would like to work towards this coming year:

+ Spend more one-on-one time with Sarah doing imaginative play
+ Help Sarah to become fully potty-trained (we are so close)
+ Go to the gym a few times a week even if for short workouts to decompress and get healthy
+ Limit the junk food and soda (yes, again I have fallen off the bandwagon)
+ Establish a greater level of patience when parenting Sarah, and trying best to identify the signs before meltdowns occur

I think this is a good place to start.

I want to take this time to also wish you and yours a wonderful and prosperous new year and wish you love, happiness, patience, understanding and good health.

I look forward to sharing more parenting information, insights, tips and experiences here at Mommy's Point of View in 2011, and continue to welcome your feedback and perspectives and being part of this community.

Happy New Year!!!

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