Friday, December 17, 2010

Never Too Early To Teach Kids Manners

Recently, Sarah told Daniel, who then relayed to me, that it was her teacher's birthday and that we needed to make her a card.

Right then and there I smiled and beamed, hugged Sarah, and experienced a proud mommy moment.

From the very beginning of Sarah's life we would send thank you cards and make phone calls to share thanks and appreciation for the gifts we received. As a crafty mom we started to do art projects that became sentimental cards of thanks, wishes for birthdays and anniversaries and sometimes just because.

My mother raised me to be very mindful and respectful of others especially when it came to receiving gifts for any occasion. I was taught to get on the phone or send a thank you note to show thanks and appreciation. To this day, I still do this and fully intend to have Sarah learn this valuable and important lesson as well.

Regardless of the type of gift or how much it costs a thank you should always be given.

Since Sarah is not quite at the developmental stage to be able to write out her name, instead we trace her hand as her signature. She loves to do this.

After hearing Sarah tell me that we need to acknowledge her teacher's birthday it made me realize that it's never too early to teach children good manners and the importance of saying thank you.

Over the years I have sadly experienced some times the lack of appreciation for gifts given or learned of experiences people I knew had that were not received with a thank you. I dislike this very much.

As we know, as parents, our children are sponges. It's amazing what they can retain and remember. Therefore, instill this important mode of appreciation early on so that children recognize its value.
Who knows, in ten years it may be tougher to get Sarah to send thank you cards but I hope that by continuing to reinforce how it makes people feel that she will want to keep sharing her appreciation.

Thank you my readers for joining me on Mommy's Point of View. You have given me many gifts by coming and visiting my site, sharing your feedback and being part of this community. Thank you very much.

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