Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday: Mommy Moments in Haiku

This weekend was the first since our move to the burbs where we didn't have to drive too far to do anything and instead got to stay local.

Saturday playdate
Spending time, making new friends
A fun time by all

More unpacking done
Second hand kitchen set found
Getting settled in

Happy that it rained
Good excuse to stay indoors
Playroom all set up

Backyard work is done
Man for hire helped us out
Leaves gone before frost

Time to run errands
Readying house for winter
Welcome to the burbs

City to the burbs
This mommy is adjusting
Patient during change

Getting used to life
Being a suburban mom
Need time to adjust

Knew change would be big
Taking each day one by one
Tomorrow, new day

Loving our new home
Enjoying quiet and trees
Meeting new neighbors

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