Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Mommy Moments of Reflection

This was an incredibly exhausting weekend. Lots and lots and lots of packing to do before our big move. Still, though, I find it very important to take Sarah out for playground jaunts, even if for short spurts so that she can get much playtime during all this craziness. It just means staying up super late to get it all done.

This mommy is tired!!!

This past weekend in haiku.

Some much packing left
To do before moving day
So many boxes

Sarah and TV
She's watching so much of it
What's a mom to do?

TV is helping
Sarah's not under my feet
Packing it all up

We will need reprieve
From television watching
After we are moved

Feel like bad mommy
But have to get it all done
Must get over it

Talk about timing
Daniel's book is due next week
We are all tired

Excited for change
And to be near family
To spend lots of time

Need the mommy strength
We will be moved soon enough
Happy, excited

Will miss NYC
Ready for this journey
To our future

Keep following me
Here at Mommy's Point of View
I will still be here

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