Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Mommy Moments of Reflection

A very busy weekend indeed for this mommy. Fortunately, I was able to get a mommy reprieve and go to a really fun bridal shower for my friend getting married later this month. I also had time to reflect on the amazing next steps we are taking as a family all for Sarah and for the life we now want to create for her, and us.

Packing up boxes
Getting ready for the move
So much more to do

Bridal shower fun
To celebrate a friend's joy
Soon she'll be married

Time to toast and drink
Laugh and eat and celebrate
A mommy time off

Let's go to dinner
My precocious toddler said
Chinese food we ate

She loves to eat out
Did a great job with chopsticks
Sarah is a hoot

Even more packing
Toys and books and clothes
On sunny Sunday

With her grandparents
Sarah spending time, playing
Laughing, giggling

That much more packing
The end of the tunnel light
Starting to glow bright

Getting excited
Many journeys lie ahead
Ready for new start

Kids open your eyes
To what it is real in the world
Helping set their path

Next chapter for us
Centers around my Sarah
What's next is for her

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