Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Mommy Moments of Reflection

Here are moments of reflection from this weekend past. What a really fun time!!!

Happy Halloween
Pumpkins, candy, kids dressed up
Great trick/treat weekend

Fun filled costume month
Birthday parties, Halloween
Many dress up times

A princess, Sarah
Excited kid dressed as cow
And kitty cat too

First a blue princess
Then a cow dressed saying "Moo"
And cute kitty cat

Costume party fun
Mommy, Daddy and Sarah
Dressed as three cool cats

Packing continued
Unloading, donating too
Mommy swap meet fun

Sarah's clothes too small
Out with old in with the new
Gently used finds, SCORE!

Volunteering time
Providing for those in need
Every bit counts much

Brownie making fun
Sarah giggles as she stirs
Loving time baking

Princess Ariel
Purple, blue and frilly dress
Twirling all around

Halloween with kids
Much fun you want to join in
Dress up and laugh too

Reminded again
The value of great friendships
I am truly blessed

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